Van Persie stars as Reds sink Liverpool | Manchester United 2-1 Liverpool | Premier League Classic

Manchester United

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    Ahead of our Premier League clash with Liverpool this weekend, enjoy this classic 2-1 win from 2012/13 featuring goals from Robin Van Persie & Nemanja Vidic.
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    Opublikowany 18 dni temu


    1. Uky

      I wonder Where's Sturidge now?

    2. Maulana Ikhsan

      Miss 😭😭😭

    3. United GBG

      Love United Hate Glazer 🔰🔰🔰🇸🇪

    4. Gaurav Sharma

      While supporters of united sinked the owners this Sunday

    5. Paul Hand

      Last time we won the title makes me sad we could go 30 years like liverpool did before we win it again

    6. DanLabs Official

      No disrespect to anyone but I don't know why the current United squad cannot win the EPL considering the talent they have.. This squad cannot compare to the current one

    7. Warren Forest


    8. Tombak F

      this version of Man U, not filled with top players yet Ferguson still made history with this team!!

    9. Remi Boyka Smith

      Glaciers Out

    10. Pfizer

      Where is c ronaldo?

    11. Phat Le

      Liverpool 4-1 manunit

    12. João Limberger

      Fergie ball🔥 Great times

    13. Murwidyawan Channel

      *SCUDETTO INTER 19* 🇮🇩 🇮🇹 💙🖤 🏆

    14. Jamal Hope-Williams

      That the last time Man Utd won the Premier League 2013 , that was Fergie Last Title before retirement

    15. Texas rattlesnake

      Robin Van 😍

    16. Badman No.1

      Bro welbz and cleverly on the starting eleven and fergie beats looserpool... This man needs a statue in mars

    17. 097_Rizky Wira Kusuma Marsha

      Cleverley & Welbeck didn't deserve so much hate. Their technical ability, creativity, links up & chemistry with the midfield, flanks (especially on the left) & forwards were special. Moyes & Van Gaal has turned them from quality homegrown players into rotational players in small clubs

    18. Hüseyin Özdemir

      Van Persie 😍😍😍

    19. Freshly Squeezed

      patrice evra!

    20. Norman Baguma

      Nostalgia 😭

    21. Ahmed Raza

      Can’t believe ve we won the league with this squad

    22. Papuia Ppa

      United is better than Loserpoool..👍👏👏💢👌🤣

    23. Randy Harkediansa

      Evra to RvP,. RvP to Evra.

    24. Nishanth

      That Utd team would easily trash the current one. The way they created chances with ease is something this team can never do.

    25. Mohd Rizwan

      tom cleverley won more EPL title than steven gerrard

    26. Q-M-Q

      So, if I get this correctly. 'Manchester is Red', right? So, if you See Racism you have seen (Red) aka Manchester united. Wow. Talk of playing on words...Words have meaning and power. How you phrase things is always very important I wonder why the entire EPL, a fully English speaking country has never thought of using a more direct wording in their fake anti Racism campaigns. Something like, Say no to Racists. See a Racist report them. Racism is not a person. Don't say "Kicking Racism out of football, but Kicking The Racists out of football forever. Straight forward and to the point. It's a business. No one really cares. They're all Racists. Everyone knows that.

    27. CAPTIGER.

      Highlight as Roma vs Manchester united please 😭😭😭😭😭🙏

    28. Unais tP

      And Moyes Thought he Got an aged Old Team...

    29. Isaac Udoma

      De Gea is the only player from this squad. Wow

      1. Afaan 75

        Jones too

    30. Adho Ismail

      Come one you mental juara ggmu

    31. Saïbou Tine

      Manchester for life❤️❣️

    32. KROSSWALK 22

      I miss Ji sung park...😭😭😭

    33. The Gus

      Kagawa is so underrated

    34. The 22

      It will be Cavani this time.

    35. Ian Deeley

      Still buzzing after Thursday, but can't wait for Sunday, BRING ON THE SCOUCERS!

    36. ALEX Kuriah WA Mutogoni

      Let's do this again United

    37. Akashdeep 9

      Ohh Man, what a season that was. Van Persie was a Beast back then. Absolute Beast. Scored 30+

      1. Apabenda jadi Hari ini

        Everthing he touch that season turn into goal

    38. Albi Erlangga Aryatama

      I miss Robin van Persie :(

    39. Capt. CoCo

      The crowded stadium 😍😍😍 China ruined the world

    40. s b

      Where's cleverly now?

    41. Hrishikesh Yalgudkar

      I envy kagawa's hair

    42. Surya Mahendra

      Make a video Every Goal v Liverpool🙏

    43. Simply Balling

      What an outstanding baller Patrice Evra was

    44. Jairaaj Cheema

      yes sir

    45. Daniel

      0:30 HE'S DONE IT AGAIN! *teeth grinding intensifies*

    46. Ismail Ibrahim

      I like ur dp😍😍😍😍😍

    47. Dr Avik Roy

      Timing of the run for the first goal. Simple but not so....

    48. Dilshod Xodjayev

      0:27 How easy that!

    49. MEHDI

      2:13 : Paddy Evra 🚨😂

    50. 4Bester

      I am sure that Sir Alex’s plan for what would have been the season after his retirement was this XI that started here. De Gea, Rafael-Rio-Vidic-Evra, Carrick-Cleverley, Young/Valencia-Kagawa-Welbeck, Van Persie.

    51. Imam Agung Setiawan

      I haven't see you post the recent match.. come on post it

      1. Tny Clintx

        @EW68Gaming how

      2. EW68Gaming

        They can't post it due to UEFA rules

    52. Louis Gayle

      Not as Nervous about playing Liverpool this weekend as I have been in the past but at the same time I ain't to over confident Neither because I know how these Man Utd Liverpool games can some times go but hopefully will do Liverpool Fingers crossed🙂🤞

    53. Rendra Winantea

      Bismillah champion of the europa league

    54. Rakhmat Riyan Pratama

      Easy win

    55. Mahesa Ramadhianto

      Cleverley was a beast back then😬 scored an absolute stunner in st james park too

    56. Qyy

      Where the highlights again roma?

    57. Achmad Fahruddin

      GGMU 1878👏👏👏😈😈😈😈😈

    58. Sandip Samajdar

      Cry cry suarez racist

    59. nilanthi paldano

      Man vs liv

    60. Muhamad Arbain

      Bantai" lagi lah

    61. Ray c.

      Lets focus on sunday match against our biggest rival,i hope liverpool play europa league next season hahaha.

    62. abhishekreghunath

      0:06 Rio cleans his hand after handshake with Howard Webb 🤣

      1. Tny Clintx


    63. OMG Oakley

      Congrats with 4 million subs

    64. Bader

      Who has a glory must return

    65. FantasticF17

      Ggmu lets win again on Sunday, my prediction: United 2 Liverpool 1

    66. Dino Mesaljic

      I love United

    67. Welly

      When ferguson make cleverley and welbeck played like xavi and iniesta ,majestic!

      1. izzuddin faruqi

        Prime cleverley > zidane 😎

    68. Umere Khayam

      Let’s beat these scousers 👹❤️

    69. Syukri Bujang

      Europa league highlights man..

      1. FantasticF17

        No can do until Sunday evening because of Uefa rights

    70. Kanssas Team


    71. Paul Sutton

      Danny Welbeck ?

    72. De Bruyne Junior

      Manchester is BLUE💙

      1. Nanda kishore

        Shity is blue

      2. Akilesh Roopun

        Only in your dreams

      3. Aaaa Bbbb


    73. Csokops #glazersout

      We WILL beat Liverpiss on Sunday

    74. Sunny Bee Melody Official

      the second goal was for vidic

    75. Ashwin K.C

      We dont need clean sheet every game in a row, we just need to be ruthless in attack like before, even with average players.

    76. Rozak Saifudin

      RVP my idol

    77. Vishal Bali

      I wish we had Cavani right after RVP!

      1. not a pinoy

        we have falcao actually but idk united after SAF crumble down shud give more time to moyes

    78. Beuken Phom

      Let's win the Europa league Come on United!!

      1. Conor

        Manu👏👏👏manu 👏👏👏manu go on red devils

      2. Conor

        20 times 20 time man United

      3. unforgetfy

        Will win it for sure

      4. Big Smoke

        @Beuken Phom hopefully.

      5. Achmad Fahruddin

        @BD Faraz oh. . .no I'm really sorry🙏

    79. Jelita Wulandari

      in this match, only de gea still survive right now

      1. Spotted XYZ

        @The Batman Channel Carrick is still at the club, even though he retired

      2. Spotted XYZ

        @The Batman Channel did I say he still played for us? 🤣 🤣

      3. The Batman Channel

        @Spotted XYZ Well he don’t play for us anymore does he? That kinda was his point if you had read his comment😑

      4. Spotted XYZ

        @The Batman Channel Carrick is still at the club

      5. The Batman Channel

        @SROWOT GAMING he’s talking about who still plays for us🤦‍♂️🙄

    80. Awanda Rais Hakeem

      Luckiest Vidic goal 😂

    81. khedup losang

      Rafael da Silva played for the badge. always a RED

    82. pled porpoise

      less go

    83. Lalruathlua K

      His volley was something

    84. Gagaro

      Flying Dutchman - RVP

    85. Zorawar Gill

      Come on Manchester United. Let's win the Europa league GGMU❤️

    86. Pjokkaby YT


    87. HaDehh GaMinG

      The best

    88. Ilfat

      RVP was special player

      1. vale yellow

        It is special season to tho

    89. Karol Śpiewak

      come on United

    90. Ashton Taylor