Cavani confirms semi-final place | Manchester United 2-0 Granada CF | UEFA Europa League

Manchester United

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    Enjoy the best of the action as a strike from Edinson Cavani and an own goal gave the Reds a 2-0 over Granada CF on the night and a 4-0 aggregate win to send us into the UEFA Europa League Semi Final.
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    1. Afif Harist 2005

      Line Up Manchester United D. de Gea 1 (GK) A. Wan-Bissaka 29 A. Tuanzebe 38 V. Lindelof 2 A. Telles 27 Fred 17 N. Matic 31 M. Greenwood 11 BRUNO FERNANDES 18 P. Pogba 6 E. Cavani 7 Granada Rui Silva 1 (GK) D. Foulquier 2 G. Sanchez 6 J. Vallejo 20 Carlos Neva 15 M. Gonalons 4 Angel Montoro 19 Kenedy 24 Y. Herrera 21 D. Machis 11 Roberto Soldado 9

    2. Hilda Watson

      Fan for life...blame the board not the players and coaches who have been bringing back the old Never say die Man Utd I fell in love with under Ferguson

    3. Ahmed Salah


    4. Sneak

      Currently at 3.99 million. Let me see if Everyone saying will unsubscribe, truly do. I'll be back.

    5. Stathis Tanatzis

      🐍🐍🐍🐍GLAZERS OUT🐍🐍🐍🐍

    6. Antony Martial

      I give a suggestion. You can buy the pedro neto of Wolverhampton Wanderers.

    7. Nicho Besty

      Glazers Out!

    8. Zulfian Ali

      What actually wrong with Uefa ?

    9. Salim Juma

      "And now i say bye bye to the club I've loved since a kid till present 35yrs"!!

    10. Sade Sade

      Please apologise🙏

    11. Kartikey V Hebbar

      Watching this after United and all other premier league teams walked away from ESL. Disgusted that the board and the club owners wanted to turn this beautiful club into a money vending machine. Glad that Woodward is out and players stood firm against the ESL.

    12. Chanitha Pemasena




    14. apotebill

      We will not watch any super league. Boycott

    15. apotebill

      No to participation trophy. No to the super league.

    16. Wahyu Hadi

      Greedy Glazers

    17. Sam XV

      You should change the FC in your name into Football Corporation: sadly, money is more important than a fans now.

    18. alrighthenducks

      Glazers out now!

    19. Coeuz

      Please everybody unsubscribe from all Super League teams on all platforms. Facebook, Twitter, PLshows, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and more.



    21. K Ma

      EU 👍

    22. mezmo sihombing


    23. Erich Gilberth

      Come on guys, we have to stop following Manchester United's social media, so that the Glazers will listen to the fans

    24. Jessy Sahota

      Sell outs

    25. Jessy Sahota

      No more this

    26. Flariox

      I was a United fan since I was 4 and my heart will be broken if I change who I support... 💔💔💔

    27. Flariox

      Please leave the ESL 😢😢😢

    28. Mikkel Nielsen

      No to super league

    29. Waylon

      I lost all my respect for Man Utd going to the money league. Disgusting.

    30. O.S LE

      How can Manchester United do this? United should stand in the face of greed not be comsumed by it. How dare you. The team that got me watching football. HOW DARE YOU

    31. Yudish Hunnomansingh

      Please refuse the european super league

    32. museofire


    33. Loading

      See Man Utd money isn’t everything , look how happy is the players playing premier league and euro or champion league before . U shouldn’t join super league

    34. Steven Atherton

      Pure greed, history forgotten. Football will never be the same. R.i.p

    35. Anthony

      ESL is the best thing that will happen for UTd since champion's league win in '08

    36. 김다민

      I, 15 years fan of Manchester United from far asia, unfollowed This channel. I am not born in Manchester, but i respect and study the history of Europe Football Clubs. This is absolutely disgusting situation by thnking of football world

    37. ميهاي ماريوس Marius24

      Stop european super league

    38. Warren Ashcroft

      YANKS OUT!!!!

    39. phixion.

      I feel sick to my stomach, I'm actually worried that this has changed football forever, regardless of what happens from here now..😥

    40. James Allen

      well no he didn't,

    41. Ducky Boats

      MAN U please dont join ESL 😭😭😭

      1. Ducky Boats

        @Pranav Shiva Purukanti So why dislike?

      2. Pranav Shiva Purukanti

        This happen in India to 😕 Indian super league

      3. Pranav Shiva Purukanti

        I know everything

      4. Ducky Boats

        @Pranav Shiva Purukanti idc learn about the ESL in detail then come back

      5. Pranav Shiva Purukanti


    42. Ducky Boats

      whos here after ESL conformed 😭

    43. Glenn Williams

      Earn it!! Say no to the super league

    44. Dhruv Kataria

      No to super league

    45. Zuhayr zu

      Thanks you it's me who message you on Instagram 🥰

    46. FlyKid

      Can't believe you've gone and done this super league I've loved this club all my life and now you've ruined it all because of greed

    47. SM 99

      Utd will be thrown out of the Europa league most probably. This is the last time Utd r playing in any UEFA competition

    48. Tom Foulds


    49. Ihave drugs

      I'm so disgusted

    50. Lance 'Ryder' Wilson


    51. Andrew Gordon

      How we lost every competition: League cup: knocked out by city League: poor home performances Fa cup: knocked out by Leicester Europa league: greed

      1. Jonathan Fa

        Champions league: bottle the first place

    52. ليث ابو محمد

      Unsubscribe to the greedies.

    53. Bharath R

      Unsubscribing. Get lost from our club, you filthy Glazers

    54. Bharath R

      Mercenaries!! Withdraw from the cup and let Roma and Villarreal play for the fans watching

    55. Tommy Jordache

      Out of Super League or I'll end my 40+ year support!!!!

    56. rob boers

      We say no to the super league

    57. ta på dæ læstan

      Backstabbing of the highest order. Disgraceful!

    58. Stephen Faulkner

      Glazers out. Parasites

    59. G M

      JP Morgan League means less than a pre season friendly. It is a Micky Mouse cup. Shame on United.

    60. Joika Bolle

      Duncan edwards turning in his grave

    61. Joika Bolle

      They have killed my dear club, love united hate glazer

    62. Gridball 1956


    63. khabib mcgregor

      But Greenwood in this game tho..

    64. Michael Richards

      semi final cancelled, yay

    65. Ayush Maurya

      i am man utd fan for 15 years of my 30 years of life... i support newton heath and football now not the greedy man utd.

    66. PY Yick

      My United support will come to an end if United join Super League.

    67. Ben Putra

      Kyak pertandingan lama

    68. Minimalist SG

      Shame on Man Utd owners for joining the European Super League. There won't be a next season for Man Utd in the EPL, Man Utd is joining the European Super League. The FA will kick Liverpool, Man Utd, Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs out of the EPL.

    69. Daniel Edwards

      We have to some how force these scumbags out of our clubs. The players need to make a stand against this they have enough money in the bank refuse to play

    70. Kk

      RIP Manchester United 1878 - 2021

    71. Ibrahim M

      Guys if your against the European Super league then dislike the video 😡

    72. Utsav Bhusal

      Please dont ruin football

    73. Kieran Considine

      Shame on The Glazers for destroying the people's game.

    74. Golderlight Gaming


      1. Jonathan Fa


      2. Golderlight Gaming

        @SUNDA EMPIRE always got to be a troll


        Say yes

    75. Nivi

      DISLIKE THE VID GUYS!!!!. At least show some sort of resistance!!

    76. PlyNoob

      De gea meni palalaur kitu euyy, ngeri urang mah Sungkem lord david

    77. oliver hansen

      Started by the poor, stolen by the rich💔

    78. Kailasnath K

      No super league

    79. Gerv Esma

      It's time us fans unsubscribe and boycott Manchester United entirely. This Super League plan is disgusting... our fans, staffs and players died for the club and this is how you repay us? Money ruined the game we love (Like if you have unsubscribed)

    80. Noel Manuel

      The club that has lost lives to play in the European competition is now leading the way to exit it. It's a disgrace. Unsubbed.

    81. beirch

      Over 20 years of supporting this club and this is how you repay your fans. Absolutely disgraceful.

    82. mart weghorst

      Absolutely shameless

    83. Harken

      Super League = End of Football as we know it. I will not support United any longer if this happens, hope you get chucked out of the Premier League and all other cup competitions and players expelled from international teams that take part! I will not buy any streaming / TV service that shows this League - NOT MY FOOTBALL!!!

    84. kimbo cahig

      What's the point of watching everything they have accomplished since then?

    85. اوراس العراقي


    86. Lloyd Hopkin

      United destroy their own legacy and history for money how is this allowed to happen?

    87. MUFC Draro



      Joel Glazer, Co-Chairman of Manchester United and Vice-Chairman of the Super League said: "“By bringing together the world’s greatest clubs and players to play each other throughout the season, the Super League will open a new chapter for European football, ensuring world-class competition and facilities, and increased financial support for the wider football pyramid.”" F**K OFF! unsubscribe!

    89. Dong Quiwan

      Glazers OUT. If the European Super League goes ahead, we won't be Man United anymore.

    90. benson thomas

      When you enter the stadium.. you see those statues.. that clock.. Sir Bobby sitting there.. does that mean anything to u? The owners have shredded our history and the foundations of this club to bits for money!You have just tarnished the legacy of the busy babes, the class of 92 and all the other legends who gave their blood, sweat an tears to make this club!


        greed. no others word, GREED. so so sad!

    91. Jaws J

      is that john carter dota sojat scoring the goal?

    92. Fabrice Tiku

      What a header ....😂😂😂

    93. Saptak Pathak

      Have some shame! A disappointment through and through since sir Alex left and once when the team showed signs of togetherness and progress, the esl shows up. Glazers out! Absolute joke

    94. Gavish Baboolall

      What a greedy own

    95. Vicwilliam Vinsent

      every united fan should unsubscribe for glazers creating the ESL

    96. Scott Weller

      As fans we need to show voice here and DISLIKE this video

    97. Parijat Saha


    98. Parijat Saha

      Rather Support Leicester. Perfect example of a Football Club.

    99. Parijat Saha


    100. CoffeeforBreakfast

      can we have what Sir Bobby Charlton thinks of the european super league?