U18 Highlights | Sunderland 1-4 Manchester United | The Academy

Manchester United

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    See all the highlights as Manchester United's Under-18s remained on a high-scoring streak with a 4-1 win at Sunderland on Tuesday afternoon.
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    1. Paul Birch

      Under 18 brilliant

    2. Resna Tazkiyatunnafs

      McNeil is great prospect we already know, but this Hansen boy looks somewhat better in his aura. Idk.

    3. echolot

      the future is red! GGMU

    4. The Red Angle

      Keep working hard, Up and Up ❤️❤️👍👍

    5. riyan angga marully

      No 10... Layak masuk tim senior

    6. Al-Batutta

      Alvaro Fernandes came to Utd with RB Marc jurado, but it seems hard to see him.

    7. Farji indri


    8. Abu Mujahid


      1. Al-Batutta

        Yg mana?

    9. DMD

      Glazer's out

    10. нυмρту

      Man with 10 with whait hear was game creator he is men of the match

    11. Wefwafwa Andrew

      Mac Neill is another class says Harland

    12. Sweet Lealea

      Watch out for the number 9 & 10

    13. K9 From Nima

      Cant believe we have Hansen thats Pedri level talent right there he should feature soon

      1. Saeed Yusuf

        Pedri is massively overrated

    14. Amro Arafa

      I'm done praising McNeil people get the point. It's Alvaro Fernandez's time now. This guy plays like he's 30 years old lmao. I think we're set for life in that leftback spot. What a quality player.

    15. Grey Woods

      Investing in crypto is a more lucrative way of making money

      1. Amanda wilson

        @Johnson Kevin That won't bother you if you trade with a professional like Mr Tony Gallippi

      2. Johnson Kevin

        I wanted to trade crypto but got confused by the fluctuations in price

    16. Lvrd Chaos

      Hansen reminds me of Modric

    17. Fireli Akbar

      Congrats man Utd 4 jt subscribe

    18. Nassir Habib

      I watch this only because of Hansen this young is another level🔥

    19. Segaf Husein

      That hansen-aroen goal is copy from scholes vs Blackburn Quality player!

    20. abdi libaax

      Number 10

    21. HwpoSZN

      Hansen plays like Modric🔥

    22. ghozali ahmad


    23. schurgy16

      Fernandez seems like the real deal. We may not have to think about buying a starting LB for a decade once he takes over for Shaw/Telles

    24. Zydan Rizqin

      3, 9 and 10 very impressive. hope to see them in the 1st team in the future.

    25. Vishesh Goyal

      Alvaro Fernandes is an elite creator at the academy level, hopefully he will keep the same level of performance at the senior level [Loans etc] in the future as well...

    26. Rafi Hadzami

      even Mcneill doesn't play regularly in the U23s

    27. Authentic TR

      Hold on is that cavani. Eeeeeh cavani scored the second

    28. MyykiJA876

      Looking forward to seeing these youngsters in the coming years, the future is bright.

    29. Abenezer Assefa

      Fernandez underrated

    30. Sir Leh

      Hansen is magical

    31. Peakworlds Studios

      Charlie doesn’t play 🤣

    32. Ka ka

      Mcneill debut

    33. Kardinal Fresh

      The match officials should be under 18 too😂😂😂

    34. Ursula Wilson

      Mcneil is an amazing talent

    35. Spot Tube Indonesia

      Mcneil again?. What a performance.

    36. Kaafi Daacad

      The Future is Safe👏👏👏📈✅

    37. Watch Me

      Isac hansen will become as grate as wayne rooney mark my words

      1. JG736

        18s best player and he’s only like 16 or something

      2. Alan Koh

        That no 10 looks promising

      3. abdi libaax

        @Gulz M we had CR7 and Rooney now mctominay and Fred 😭

      4. Gulz M

        Grate 😂 Rooney was never slim

      5. abdi libaax

        @Joel Page Mark Hughes

    38. Sports TV

      I love man united

    39. Aaron Brennan

      The hansen chap is quality

      1. Cruzrw11

        We bought him from a team in Norway. Made his debut for the first team there at 16 years old and he is still 16!

    40. Ture Fröjd

      Macneiel to United men

    41. James Whittaker

      Wow amazing talent and glazers out!!!

    42. Ameya Gokhale

      Imagine Rashy, McNeil, and Greenwood 2 years down the line... GGMU

      1. Paneer Biriyani

        @Abraham Chinye because he was not ready for the first team

      2. Abraham Chinye

        @Paneer Biriyani gomes is still a class talent united and ole just never used him.

      3. Ameya Gokhale

        @Paneer Biriyani Yeah... But at least Rashy and Greenwood have gone clear... Here's to hoping 🍻

      4. Paneer Biriyani

        we tell this with every youth talent. Remember what happened to chong and gomes.

      5. Rutty Man United


    43. Supreeth N Shekar

      Currently we have the best youth academy in the world.

    44. Mochamad Fahmy Abdillah

      Mc Neil getting unstoppable... cant wait he joining first team

    45. Isxaaq Akram

      Fernandez impact is growing up in the team these years. We saw couple of influences from Bruno and now Alvaro is coming wowo

    46. abdullah

      2:53 even our own players feel sorry for sunderland

      1. power ranger

        @Chris Booth McNeil wanted the hat trick he was open for a pass he collects goals

      2. Chris Booth

        I really want to know what that was about :-D

    47. soham c

      Adam johnson loves the academy videos

    48. Ashar Mohammed

      Future man utd stars Get some glimpse of some of these

    49. Man Utd Session

      Loving the juniors

      1. Joika Bolle

        Adam Johnson?

      2. ibrahim muhamad


    50. Max_Footbal

      Юнайтед вы лучшие !

    51. Damko

      We got some real talent in our ranks, great to see

    52. Chetan Manohar

      The club need to remove the deadwood to give these young stars a chance

      1. Prithu Upadhyaya

        @power ranger james' decision making is worse than diallo. He can't dribble can't cross can't shoot but still gets more minutes than diallo. Same with mcfred and donny.

      2. G Kus

        @Aquila Rossa exactly. James wasn't the problem it was ole

      3. Aquila Rossa

        James is why MUFC could not score? Stop talking lame brain rubbish will ya.

      4. Ciaran Deaville

        @Messi 👑 Diallo should be eased in. Shoving him up front when he still hasn't played a lot of games in a foreign country, with heavy expectations from the fans is a recipe for the next Bebe

      5. Messi 👑

        @power ranger James was the main reason man united could not score against Leeds

    53. MR_SULTAN