Training | Reds prepare for AS Roma semi-final clash | Manchester United | UEFA Europa League

Manchester United

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    Watch now as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his coaching staff put the Reds through their paces ahead of Thursday's UEFA Europa League Semi-Final 1st leg clash with AS Roma at Old Trafford.
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      let's go out their and win the Europa League, we can't wait to hold this trophy

    2. Danny Leung

      Special training assignment for Pogba: tackle without arms.

    3. Nsisong Bassey

      Man u to carry Europa

    4. Nsisong Bassey

      I really appreciate this channel


      6-2 lets go reds !!!

    6. Kaio Lewanjorge


    7. Ebenezer

      It paid well

    8. Daniel boh

      Ridiculous team, losers

    9. Rocky Rampersad

      I beg you to stay Cavani. You hav given me reason to love the number 7 shirt again.

    10. Levels in boxing

      2 -1 down at half time..... to that team..... embarrassing.

      1. WeZeNoobs #glazersout

        @Levels in boxing great to hear that you're not biased like all those "Ole Haters" who will just hate Ole,anyways great win tonight friend 😁

      2. Levels in boxing

        @CYB3R_GH0ST_13 I take it back. Credit to the players and manager for turning it around.

      3. CYB3R_GH0ST_13


    11. JUZAIL pk

      Miss passes only;why man??

    12. JUZAIL pk

      Bruno is over

    13. JUZAIL pk

      If u have a any trophy for united??

    14. JUZAIL pk

      Ole pls go out



      1. Kaio Lewanjorge


      2. WeZeNoobs #glazersout


      3. CYB3R_GH0ST_13


    16. Rocky Rampersad

      I want a real manager just like Chelsea went an got Tuchel. We need a real manager.

    17. Ufomadu Jr

      We will winnnnnn

    18. Idul Kurniawan


    19. Kenneth Cassar


    20. Andrew Mireri

      Zoezi lazima ichapwe 👊👊

    21. Thinlocket24683 Gaming

      The real REDS!!!

    22. CoolHarry Me1

      Did Mata even tell you it was his birthday? Dearie me

    23. KC White


    24. Issayas Medhane

      We should definitely win this game❤️

    25. Danny Gonzalez


    26. Ratty Bwoy

      We have to take this match seriously

    27. Mirza Tube

      GGMU INDONESIA ❤️ 02:00 Time WIB

    28. Robito 94

      focussss ladss

    29. SYARIF EGI

      Lets Go Reds ❤️

    30. Reza Taghipour

      Forca united

    31. mndflns LGN


    32. Hassan Iftin

      Tonight we hope that we will win Man utd 💪💪💪

    33. クリダイ


    34. Eduardo Silva

      Glory man united🇧🇷🇧🇷⚫🔴

    35. EnockOyaro

      Cavani to score

    36. Andrea Casieri

      Forza Roma sempre

    37. ricky gichimu

      we better not lose this final

    38. tomz 4sportsworld

      I need this business

    39. tomz 4sportsworld

      Man u 3 Roma 1 that's my prediction ....💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

    40. tomz 4sportsworld

      Man u 3 Roma 1 that's my prediction ....💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

    41. Stefan Simonovski

      With his passing, quick thinking and first touch, no wonder why Fred is always in the middle, chasing the ball.

    42. khate qhate

      Waiting for a win tonight. Don disappoint men. Will be watching. Much love united🔴🔴🔴

    43. neywandow7 Paris

      United >>>>>City

    44. U nyi naing ak

      love mu

    45. Muhammad Hafidz

      Bismillah bisa..🔥

    46. RaspyExtreme

      Coming from Roma's side, greetings to the Manchester United fans!

    47. Temi


    48. DMD

      Glazer's out

    49. Imran


    50. shivanand vichare

      Let's win this time REDS❤️❤️❤️

    51. DJ Nuttz

      I would love us to play one touch football in our actual games!

    52. Vilda Wiguna Official

      Happy Birthday @juanmatagracia 🎉🎉🎂🎂

    53. Ok

      Remember the 7 goals? I miss them.

    54. Muhammad Asrul

      May allah swt give chance to sultan, to buy manchester united.

    55. Capital Bwoy ug

      My life dream 💭 fellas its today show it 💯 manu✊

    56. *ßøxəđ*ßy*Çømpľəx*

      Come on reds

    57. ken kivuva

      Free DVB

    58. Omaka Nathaniel O.

      I don't care whether we beat Liverpool on Sunday or not. Trash Roma mercilessly and then we can think about Liverpool.

    59. Oudom Gaming

      Come on United, final waiting us !!!

    60. Muhammad Dhimas

      Indonesia ❤️

    61. Zola Man

      must win game and the deffence should be strong if we coincide goal they will have advantage to the next game

    62. Muhammad Khoirul Anami 127


      1. Muhammad Dhimas

        Yoi gass lahh sampe juara piala Eropa musim ni🔥

    63. Gates David

      Glazers out green and gold period 👌

    64. Okot Jimongo ug


    65. Ujang Ukardi

      Wish us luck !

    66. Saïbou Tine


    67. Teuku Muds Sulistiansyah

      We can win this Europa league, We always not give up and we always red, GGMU🔴🔴🔴🔜🔛🔝👍

    68. Huitribe Wang

      Man Utd 4-1 Roma 2nd leg Roma 2-2 Man Utd.

    69. Lilian Rema

      Manchester United is the best

    70. Mahish Sivaganesh

      Manchester united can win 😎 ggmu glowry🔛


      Please, win the europa league.. Team🙏🏻🙏🏻

    72. Jeffry Vlogger

      Let's go devils ♥️🔴

    73. Jadi Riani


    74. karsiwan iwan

      Kapan aku bisa nonton pemain kesayangan latihan😅

    75. Ches VG

      Dan James. First name on the team sheet.

    76. Hisyam Mazlan

      Go go mu 🔥

    77. Unknown Unknown

      Don't start James please

    78. 91 vanced

      Ole ❤️

    79. Adrianno Black A4.0

      I'm here in Belém ,Brazil, expecting to cheer for the united tomorrow .🔴🔴🔴👹👍

    80. Adho Ismail

      Juara 2021 amiin

    81. justin aw liang tze

      Let win it

    82. Shan Haider

      Please start donny van de beek againt roma

    83. 1341141 N4JI13

      Let’s Goooooooo MAN UTD

    84. Andrew Moss

      Ole at the wheel!

    85. Jonathan Johnston

      Please start van de beek and pogba!

    86. Angkasa 93 93

      GGM MU fc

    87. Abib Marouane

      My Bruno Fernandes

    88. Zombieking 2

      Pls dont bottle this lads

    89. Javaughn Ogilvie

      Let do this we ave reach soo far to give up nw ❤️💯in di blood man u💯❤️foreva

    90. Shasiwaran

      My club 🔴🔴🔴

    91. Michael

      Please don't start James again ffs.

    92. Grand Bili

      Juan Mata 🔥

    93. Salahudeen

      Can’t believe my team plays on Thursday

    94. Nico Ryshalim

      Nol gelar musim ini,ole out aja deh

    95. Ronie Iebach

      Measured from the quality and price of players, Manchester United is superior to AS Roma, Man United should be able to win from AS Roma

    96. Harbi Boyz

      4 Milion Subscribe 👊

    97. David Abel

      I hope we win tomorrow and win Europa Man u for life

    98. Nifio Hauzantaqi

      Always GGMU ♥️

    99. Tanvir

      Let’s go get the win and congrats on hitting 4 million subscribers!

    100. Awesome World

      Lets go and kill this OGS semifinal curse! MUFC Forever