Every Goal vs AS Roma | Manchester United v AS Roma | UEFA Europa League Semi-Finals

Manchester United

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    Ahead of Thursday's UEFA Europa League semi-final first leg against AS Roma at Old Trafford, we delve into the archives and take a look back on every goal the Reds have scored against the Giallorossi so far.
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    Opublikowany 19 dni temu


    1. Sara ali khan

      cristiano ronaldo♥️🐐

    2. Willie Mensah

      Let us fix this club again.

    3. Han Sinyo

      Prime Rooney was like: Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar. But it was Rooney.

    4. Rabbit 22


    5. Alex G

      Carrick loves a goal against Roma

    6. Richard H

      A lot of first European goals

    7. Isaiah Gere

      Ronaldo hates roma

    8. Bagas Ilham

      Wonderfull game

    9. LuftWaffe ME 109bf

      Rome was never humiliated by an enemy that much since the days of the Wisigoths , sons of Mancunium must Rule in Rome

    10. Aditya Aldino

      3:52 Pique scored for Utd?

    11. voke orhiunu

      Glory Glory Manchester United! I love this club

    12. Tommy ardianto


    13. LegendaryLion

      Add 6 more goals

    14. Attar Diwangkara

      April 2007. ManUtd 7:1 As Roma April 2021. ManUtd 6:2 As Roma

    15. Crazy Machines

      Seeing Ronaldo's dribbling again -❣️

    16. Hollaifyahearme

      Silly music ruined the whole video. No music please

    17. Jodi Suprayoga


    18. richard ketih

      AS Roma : *exist* MU : *its free real estate*

    19. p ho

      We all appreciate attacking football, don’t we?

    20. comic-con con

      add 6 more

    21. david cunningham

      eh that'd be the champion's league quarter finals

    22. Unopa Mushango

      2:50 Says Rooney scored but it was Carrick

    23. Fleezy Rashford

      Both games had 8 goals in it and united won in both by a huge mile Sir Alex would be proud of our team for this.

    24. ula ula

      What a coincidence, Pogba's celebration was almost similar to Evra's

    25. 1e-Chan

      Roma, their defence just never change❤ 😭

    26. อีอ้วนเมียไอยุด เป็นสายตํารวจ

      เงิบเลย ตอกย้ำแฟนโรม่าเข้าไปอีก 555 แมนยูขอโทษนะ

    27. Daryono Yono

      Pique legend MU😃

    28. S. Ananth Karthikeyan

      Now add 6 more

    29. echolot

      the 7-1 has to be one of the greatest football perfomance by any team ever

    30. Howl277

      Manchester United trashed Roma yesterday :))))) like they did in 2007

    31. Abdullah Khan

      United Ronaldo Was Something Else 🔥🔥🤩🤩

    32. Prince Sor Lo

      the whole team was in prime form and the commentator too

    33. miri gore

      this video made everyone dejavu so the result came 6-2

    34. Fikri

      Smudge 🙌

    35. PINTO SSIR

      One day later and there's six more to add!

    36. Hamiisii M.

      well, add 6 more to this

    37. teohcheekian

      roma nightmare

    38. Edrick Seth

      Rooney-Ronaldo is one of our best duo

    39. hasbi fauruki

      2007 MU 7 vs As Roma 1 2021 MU 6 vs As Roma 2


      Who's here after united beat Roma 6-2 in Europa League?

      1. Nigel Tube

        Me we’re gonna win the Europa league

    41. Gundam Kesumat

      4:16 was when Cristiano Ronaldo learned to fly.

    42. Kickass Football

      Rooney at his prime was something else

      1. LEGO Master Yoda I am

        Bald Rooney the best Rooney

      2. kennedy kiks

        what do the fans chant after the video?

    43. Raka Rio

      Everyone got his first Europe goal against Roma...

    44. The Red Angle


    45. M S


    46. Billy Cheng

      Please add another six !!!!!

    47. I AM

      We almost did it again today..GGMU

    48. Y4S1N 987

      2:52 carrack turns into Rooney

    49. Brum Man

      I prefer this commentator

    50. Joseph Stanley

      Some absolutely amazing team goals in here

    51. Adelle Miralem

      So van da beek is the young version of Alan Smith! TWINS?

    52. I have never showered since

      I hope cr7 will retire at utd :(

    53. Eduardo Silva

      Glory United 🔥🔥🔥

    54. Mr Shadow

      Ronaldo X Rooney the best combo I have ever seen


      Bring Ronaldo ❤️

    56. Dondarrion

      7-1 is what made me a united fan

    57. Karthik V A

      Wait pique PIQUE!!??

      1. Fakhri De lama

        Ya and whats worng?

    58. Rendy Inrianto


    59. Y_ B_H

      Why the quality is so bad in 2007?!! Another channel is better quality...

    60. d. s.


    61. Mohammed Team

      Ronaldo's goal was legendary

    62. Texas rattlesnake

      Jin Sun Park🥰

    63. Texas rattlesnake

      Ronaldo was epic

    64. Saïbou Tine

      Big Ronaldo's header❤️

    65. Mar 13


    66. Jhosi Harley Pratama Ginting

      2:31 what a pass from Ryan Giggs ❤️

    67. Mohammed Umair

      I can't think how ronaldo scored that header because he's not in the screen when pass was made

    68. Neiko McCalla

      Something is wrong with this video

    69. blackwhiteparty

      OGS should show this video to help boost the spirit of the Team before this match ❤ Glory ManUtd

    70. Adil Dekate

      I miss this commentator. He has so much more energy and passion. The current guy is too plain lol

    71. 1341141 N4JI13

      Hope We Can Win 7 - 1 Again Maybe In My Dreams

    72. Samuel Lewis

      Anyone notice the mistake at 2:49? 🤦🏻‍♂️

    73. አማን ሰላም

      ronaldo waits 3 years to score his first goal for united in the champions league ......fergie makes him a lethal and an amazing finisher........kudos sir alex

    74. Joe Primarya

      Ronaldo was insane what a player

      1. Aakash Niture


    75. አማን ሰላም

      Roooooney.....he just loves united....forever red wazzzaa

    76. Tommy Hunt

      Being at Old Trafford for that 7-1 will always be one of my best memories

      1. FY Channel

        Now you can have a new memori of us winning 6-2

    77. Vibhansh Gupta

      The 2nd Carrick goal is wrongly labelled as a Rooney goal in the video.

    78. Rumana Khanom

      2:51 says Rooney scored but Carrick scores???

    79. Esmeralda Dine

      Did you guys see when it said that Rooney scored but Carrick scored

    80. Ez studio

      Legendary 5 assist by Ryan Giggs

    81. Paresh Seejaram

      Why did they show Tevez goal

    82. Paresh Seejaram

      Carricks goals were amazing

    83. Setya Budi

      Always wonder. It was not in the 90's but the footage quality is so bad

    84. Marcus rarseclat Rashford

      Can’t believe our fans sang a racist chant about parkour

    85. AB DOU

      Manchester United deserved the 2007 title

    86. Jaycob

      our football used to be so direct .Love to see it

    87. ibrahim ouzzir

      مان يونايتد

    88. Jonathan Connolly

      Glazers out!!!!!!!!!!!

    89. ALL IN ONE HUB

      6th goal at home was from MICHAEL CARRICK NOT WAYNE ROONEY

    90. Svsh Money

      The one touch football for Alan smiths goal 🔥

    91. Keshav Roopai

      A time....When there was no.....VAR

    92. Sony darmawan

      Once Upon a time.. Gerard Pique 😄

    93. Mohamud Xarbi

      Giggs four Goals Assist one Game

    94. Raymond Vankenie

      Ronaldo just straight beasting

    95. Classics Rohan 5555 Top 6 Clubs 5 Limbu FC Football

      I miss the Old Manchester United when they were winning everything

    96. PyroTGR

      Would be nice if Pique return

    97. Hanif Ismail

      Ronaldo header goal !!! Peter drury : again and again and again!

    98. Sasso Forbice

      Odio Manchester odio Manchester odio Manchester oooo

    99. Marcel Paul

      Glazers OUT OUT OUT.

    100. Caleb Taylor