Solskjaer: "Really proud that we never give up" | Manchester United 3-1 Burnley | Premier League

Manchester United

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    Hear Reds boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer take questions from the press after the 3-1 win over Burnley at Old Trafford.
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    1. King Higgins

      Well done

    2. Stathis Tanatzis

      🐍🐍🐍🐍GLAZERS OUT🐍🐍🐍🐍

    3. Nicho Besty

      Glazers Out!

    4. Arman Maroufkhani

      Glazers out 🔰

    5. The Red Angle

      Keep working hard, Up and Up ❤️❤️👍👍

    6. alrighthenducks

      Glazers out now!

    7. George Zibuye

      Cosying up to Florentino Perez and JP Morgan is giving up. That performance was for premier league title and champions league, not the Super League.

    8. Poni Suzan

      Great my united

    9. Emma ELL

      Then don't give up rejecting what the rich tried to do.

    10. ليث ابو محمد

      Unsubscribe to the greedies.

    11. Saahil Nagar

      Brilliant Game Yesterday We deserved to win the game and everyone played their part and that's how we won I KNOW EVERYONE IS SAD AND FLABBERGASTED ABOUT THIS Puny super league BUT WE HAVE TO KEEP OUR HEAD UP AND SUPPORT OUR CLUB. COME ON UNITED 🔴❤️👹

    12. Евгений Стогниенко

      Ole's at the wheel

    13. rob boers

      No super league

    14. rob boers

      No super league

    15. rob boers

      No super league

    16. chris Lopez

      So Ole didn't know about the Super League either, it shows how the owners treat everyone from fans to the managers with contempt

    17. MrFooFighter13

      United getting close to winning the league again and before the next big push can happen, they're on course to get kicked out. FFS Woodward.

    18. Shubhrajit Saha

      He did so well to build this team and now the Glazers have let him down once again.

    19. ManNg Lenthang

      Boycott the Damed Super league thing .....!!

    20. Ashish Nair

      The owners have done Ole dirty here. A club legend is getting bombarded with questions about the ESL instead of a brilliant performance and winning 5 matches in a row. They have left Ole hanging high & dry there.

    21. Parijat Saha


    22. StefAcho

      FCK Super League!! FCK Glazers!! FCK greed! Woke up mad today but that won´t matter probably. Money talks. They don´t care about the fans! I´ve been a loyal fan since -92 and it feels like they spit in every true supporters face!!

    23. professional villains

      20 years of love and watching nearly every game, even training match was kill today.

    24. Alfi v2

      Stay away from Super League!!!

    25. BarbersLife Iftyscut

      Ovs my manager can't comment as no one would like to lose their jobs!!

    26. Luis Welsh

      I suggest as fans we create a unique public international fund in which a limited investment is allowed, so that fans can raise enough money to buy ManUtd from the glazers. Then the club would literally belong to the fans. It's a legal opportunity to do it with SuperLeague Bullshit going on

    27. Henry Gledhill

      Absolute disgrace.

    28. Jordan Belfort

      I will no longer be part of the man united family until the glazers should all do the same

    29. David McCoy

      sound quality of reporters is very bad, they should have a more professional setup.

    30. GeeOff Rooster

      I love Ole. I really love our team at the minute. I’d be proud of the “Man Utd through and through” as we always refer them as to come out against this rotten super league. Please. 🤐😪

    31. Saïbou Tine

      He is getting more and more interesting in his way of coaching that s encouraging thing

    32. Nioh newold

      I have deleted my Manchester United app. You should do the same or do what you can to oppose. They have stolen our club, our badge and now they’re crapping on its history. Stand tall and be counted, we want our club back.

      1. Kakah1664

        I have unsubscribed from MUTV as well.

    33. J Narms

      Glazers out

    34. Ahmed Abdikadir

      Ole only needs to be consistence and trophy 🏆 will come

    35. C H

      Ashamed to be a United fan today.

    36. Vũ Trung Kiên

      Tuyệt vời quá MU

    37. Trevor Barry

      Thank you United for spitting in the face of every last one of us that have supported this club all our lives. Hope you get the biggest fine and ban imaginable and get relegated to the Championship. What a money grabbing embarrassment!

    38. Billy Lee

      Praise the lord he’s mentioned Donny without being prompted

    39. Hyacinth Sandiford

      David Ded is Better than Den Henderson

    40. Hyacinth Sandiford

      man u is kill people's caeer

    41. Ethical Electrical Group Ltd

      Give DVB more chances he can play with Bruno

    42. FirstName LastName

      Yes, Donny did well today. Him and Shaw, whenever they get the ball they almost never screw up, they always find the right pass. It's kind of comforting when you see them on the ball. When I see Fred on the ball I get nervous, even if there's an easy pass on. When I see Bruno or Rashford on the ball I don't know what to think because half the time they'll do something amazing, and half the time they'll screw up, but I'm ok with that.

    43. Ethan Draper

      You can tell Ole doesn't like the idea of the Super League

    44. Daniel Edgar

      No to super league. Personally I'll done with football, it will spoil the sport, It will be better to watch tennis. The people who wants to implement that league is not football fans they don't love the game as us, our money as fans they grow by and they don't respect us fans. Let's stand up against them if we don't support it then it will not work. Let's come together as football fans and save the game we love from those mercenaries, football is depending on us

    45. Abhishek Negi

      Waiting for ole to hold his first trophy as United Manager!!

    46. pyappy

      No super League !!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    47. Evance John

      Oleeee,,,I love you for free 💪💪

    48. Thomas Putt

      Great performance today by the guys. but this club is dead to me if it joins this European super league; that's way way over the line I'm afraid.

    49. Prahlad NV

      Manchester United SHOULD AND MUST STEP OUT of European Super League, ATLEAST for the fans!!!

    50. Andy Farnan

      We will win the league heard it here first

    51. Koji BadCo

      U could’ve taken rashford off earlier.

    52. 218rael

      Feels like a defeat with the Super League news...

      1. Saahil Nagar


    53. CK K

      Please don’t join the Greed League! Don’t let Glazers destroy the club with their greed. Stay out!

    54. James Hayes

      you can shove your European super League up your back side 😤😠😡

    55. Innasoul Φ Music Φ

      Multi-billion pound club and you can't even sort the sound out.

    56. Tasie C. Benjamin

      Honestly we were supposed to beat Burnley at least 5, we missed chances. Work still in progress honestly.

    57. Scottish


    58. Tasie C. Benjamin

      Please what speculations is Ole talking about? Somebody please help me understand this 🙏

    59. satyadev abhiram

      WE WILL NOT SUPPORT YOU IF YOU GO AHEAD WITH THIS SUPER LEAGUE. We will watch Leicester and Leeds games instesd.

    60. Henry Kwidini

      I'm very happy Ole actually saw that Rashford made numerous runs but none of our Midfielders made the pass. Thumbs up for that one!

    61. Muhammad Fuaad Hassen-Bootha

      Other team: Scores a goal Man United: I'm bout end this man's whole career

    62. otop p


    63. а у

      David De Gea is the Best keeper in team!!! He is better than Dino

    64. Steve Alex

      Cancel super league

    65. 15 Zaltann_Adiwangsa

      Highlight Please!

    66. Svante Andreasson

      We don't want the Super League. I thought this club is about traditions......smh

    67. อภินันท์ โซ่เมืองแซะ


    68. อภินันท์ โซ่เมืองแซะ

      สุดยอดทุกคน คมกริ่บการยิ่ง

    69. Jevaughnie Samuels

      NO TO THE SUPER LEAGUE ‼️‼️‼️🤬🤬🤬

    70. Reload TV

      Can't wait till Rashford is fully fit again maybe our most important player

    71. James Kick

      I expect a statement from this club opting out of the Super League or I am done with supporting this club and watching football if this goes forward

    72. Reload TV

      where's all the Ole outers you lot disappear week by week😂😂

    73. S K

      European Super League cannot happen, it will destroy football in all our countries, no sporting merit you cant even get relegated...

    74. Christian Ozorio

      We Know How Tough Beat Teams Like Burnley, Today's Victory Showed Our Players Character Have Been Improving Alot 🔥🔥

    75. Sean Quinn


    76. Sean Quinn


    77. Sean Quinn

      If we go through with this Super league I will in follow United. GLAZERS OUT

    78. O K. S

      It needs some times like this to settle.. Sacking managers like a restaurant or hotel workers slaughtering animals for their customers is disgusting... The time Ole was at the verge of being sacked, i knew the worst was due to happen.

    79. John_dave

      Man united till the end of time ❤️

    80. frowning Joker

      - Was Marcus injured when he came off? Ole: "He's always injured when he starts

      1. Arunachala Sivateja Mudigonda

        🤣 🤣

    81. Noel Manuel

      European Super League is a joke

    82. Teja Konduri

      I liked how his eyes light up, when he said "Donny did well and I am pleased with that."

      1. Rajnish Desale

        Just hoping that, since top 4 is secured, Donny will get more game time

    83. RammerZ


    84. Delman Pronto

      the sorcerer's apprentice

    85. Daryll Lyngdoh

      Such a pleasure to watch the games recently. Keep pushing Manchester United ❤

    86. Abijith Kamath

      Get the Glazers Out of my football club!

    87. Anthony Platt

      Never give up never give in thats the utd way 💪💪👊👊

    88. Muhammed shamil

      Whatever you says I don't care... OLE is my manager and I am pretty sure that he will make us proud

      1. Muhammed shamil

        @Saahil Nagar yes off course

      2. Saahil Nagar


    89. Stanley Russell

      Stop the Super League!! This is a complete DISGRACE to the name of this great sport that we all love! Gary Neville is spot on!

      1. Stanley Russell

        What upsets me the most is the knock-on effect this is going to have on the youth teams of these clubs. The women's teams for these clubs. Do they suddenly mean nothing?! Because they too will lose the right to play in the Prem, in any FA organized comps. Players that take part in the Super League will be banned from the world cup, meaning these teams will create their own world cup competitions. I'll say it now... THE GAME IS GONE!

      2. Frank Ford

        Why? What is the Premier League? They broke away. They did it for money. They pay the relegated teams? That fair? Teams charge for shirts. TV money. Hovering up young players. All for money! What exactly is new? Four teams in CL. Money. Greed. What is new?

    90. Crystalblade

      Opponent score 1 goal United: so you have chosen death

    91. Zeb Mars

      Disgusting owners....

    92. Tahmid Ahmed

      *FUN FACT: Mason Greenwood has scored 15 Premier League Goals As a Teenager EQUAL to Wayne Rooney’s 15 Goals. SUPERB AND BRILLIANT TALENT. PROLIFIC AND CLINCIAL STRIKER* 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

      1. Yaseen Ibne Tarique

        and he's gonna turn 20 in 5 months!! So much time to absolutely demolish that record :D

      2. Arthur

        Rooney had 30

    93. All In The Game

      Love you Ole! Really proud!

    94. Bharath R

      Ole should resign if super league happens. Effing bottle merchants. Ole is the fall guy here

    95. Gray Patrick


    96. Tahmid Ahmed

      *Since when Did Dean Henderson wear a Cap 🧢 when in Goalkeeping 😂 so funny*

      1. Ahmad Muhdi

        He wants to become Genzo Wakabayashi

      2. Tolulope Odeyemi

        Sun at the Stretford end was a lot, part of why he didn't really see the ball coming when Burnley equalised

    97. Sam Mukangu

      If we go to that super league..then al belive this club has no principles at all

    98. irfan ramadhan

      Higlihgts match😠😠😠😠

    99. Timoleon FRANCOIS

      Bonsoir Merci beaucoup à toute l'équipe de MU pour cette force tranquille qu'elle dégage quelque soit l'équipe adverse contre laquelle elle joue. Un grand bravo de la Guadeloupe à toi Paul pour le travail efficace que tu accomplis dans le nouveau poste que l'entraîneur te demande de jouer..!!!


      Proud to be a fan ❤️❤️