U18 Highlights | Manchester United 5-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers | The Academy

Manchester United

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    See all the highlights as Manchester United made a comprehensive return to winning ways by beating Wolverhampton Wanderers 5-1 in a terrific game at the Aon Training Complex.
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    1. MUFC 20

      When i see someone like McNeil doing bits, it makes me realize that there would've been no Rashford without LVG.. Ole the 🤡 would've even feature this kid in the last game on the season. Rip future talents

    2. munawar zikri lukman

      MU must compete against Garuda Select🇲🇨

    3. Krishanan Merdono

      I can see something in Iqbal and Mcneil, Imagine if they both came through at the same time.

      1. Jirayu Vijjakajohn

        IQbal you mean

    4. DMD

      Glazer's out

    5. Kuro

      McNeil need to be promoted to U23s

    6. Rafi Hadzami

      where is hugil?

    7. roy jones

      glaziers will soon have them in the first team if it saves them spending money and keeping more for themselves in dividends

    8. MachineThatCreates

      Was there a massive difference in size between the 2 sides or did I just imagine it?

    9. Atirek Bajpai

      Zidane Iqbal is an absolute baller 🙌

    10. You Now Know

      Zidane Iqbal. Asian and Arab excellence ❤️Alhamdulillah

    11. LEGENDgg •

      Iqbal🇮🇶 our boy ❤️

    12. King Higgins

      Glory glory man United

    13. Ian Deeley

      So Proud Of Our Boys! Well Done!

    14. Nguyễn Hải Dương

      Better than main squad :v

      1. Samii


    15. Andi Hermawan

      Who is the number 6?

      1. Erik Nerli

        Isak Hansen aaroen

    16. Aaron Lopez

      This glazers out Movement lost momentum fast

    17. Young Pacaso

      *Finally at 4 million subs!*

    18. V8Hilux

      no7 mega p!ssed 8 didn't pass for goal 4... laziest walk to celebrate with teammate ever :D

    19. cklambo

      Zidane Iqbal is a zinedine zindane regen

    20. Autodidactic

      Charlie McNeill (first goal) with a Torresque finish :)

    21. The Sprawl

      Beginning to realise that I only get U-18/U-23 games in my recommended feed when the team wins...lol

      1. Jirayu Vijjakajohn

        sure it's united after all lol

    22. The Sprawl

      *GLAZERS OUT.* And if you're a Utd supporter who isn't prepared to fight to get these shitheads out of our club then you can do one too.

    23. unknown strangers

      Should promote all of them to the first team . All good players

    24. Red Devil

      Zidane>Zidane imo

    25. Damilola Shobo

      Hanson is too good for this level

    26. Mountaga_ Ytb

      Mc Neil ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

    27. Febri Youngje21

      MC NaiL solutions in forwarding martial out

    28. Nicho Besty

      Glazers Out!

    29. MANU-PES

      Can anyone tell me that: Who Was Number 7 In The Team? I Love Number 7 :)

      1. Mc The Queen

        Alejandro Ferreyra

    30. Ia

      zidane iqbal looking good, playing this well while fasting too

      1. Moussa Diatta


    31. MANU-PES

      They are the future of The Manchester United! Well Done :)!

    32. Aarush Khanna

      Charlie McNeil is a star in the making.

      1. G Kus

        Rather he move up than spending a billion dollars on haaland

    33. Radyansyah

      Mcneil what a talent

    34. fatbelly27

      Charlie McNeil is a goal scoring machine

      1. Jirayu Vijjakajohn

        @Godwin Chengula If you ask me I'd say hugil he is far taller if he buff up he can be a lethal striker but our wingers need to do better accurate crossing so he can score a header

      2. fatbelly27

        @Godwin Chengula Try to keep both for now

      3. Godwin Chengula

        Him and Joe huggil which one you choose?

    35. Stephone Cloud

      McNeil should be in first team.. Come on Ole.. Just give him a chance..

    36. haider hadi

      Zidane Iqbal what a midfielder. Allah Bless him , we support you from Iraq 🇮🇶

    37. UnfairStone

      Lol tough week for Wolves

    38. Jaafar Abdullah

      GGmu youngsters be champion 👌👌👌👌

    39. Diya Sawhny #GlazerOut

      notice how since zidane iqbal has burst on to the scenes, zinedine zidane has been quite 😉

    40. Ragnarok Trasure


    41. Diya Sawhny #GlazerOut

      These guys have a great future ahead for us!! But still #GlazerOut #Love_United_Hate_Glazers

    42. Arthur L. A

      Playing Sunderland tomorrow? McNeill better get a hattrick lol

    43. Antony Shamel D'silva

      #GlazersOut above everything else

    44. barbaro Helm

      Well done lads ... #glazers out ...yanks out of British football

    45. Kev Russell

      Anyone know where Utd are in this league position wise?

      1. Godwin Chengula

        Like no 7

    46. Music Hero


    47. Peter Njovu

      The boy Zizou is on fire.....

    48. Aldi Hanif

      Zidane Iqbal 💚

    49. Jimmy Fawwaz

      Congrats to United YT for reaching 4m subsribers

    50. SM 99

      Utd have got no future. These kids need to get out of the club if they want to achieve anything. The Glazers and Ole is a bi***. Impotent at winning trophies


      Charlie McNeill and Zidane Iqbal... on the track to become another Rashford or Mason Greenwood!!! Come'on boys...you're the hopes of our future. GGMU :)

      1. Mizanur Rahman


      2. Mizanur Rahman



      #ManchesterUnited is the all time champions. I was born as a Manchester United fan. Who else is a M.U. fan here?

    53. Warren Forest

      GLAZERS OUT. 2Billion in their pockets but still in debt? THIEVES!

      1. Diya Sawhny #GlazerOut

        Green and gold till the club is sold. #GlazerOut

    54. ICYX1

      #Glazersout #Woodwardout

    55. Always FCB

      Zidan 💪🇮🇶

    56. 91 vanced

      McNeill > Marital 💪

      1. Niezam Latiff

        @91 vanced hope he wish for a move also

      2. 91 vanced

        @Tawakal Ahmed Martial is overrated mate..hope he's gone soon

      3. Tawakal Ahmed

        Go and take martial there, every day 5 goals. So don't compare our great player who lost his form. he will come back stronger

    57. كرار الزبيدي


    58. Low Grade Comic Collectors Global

      Glad Iqbal is back! Great performance

    59. 2OLEGEND 1999



      'We're here to play football' Lol

    61. KISHOR GC

      Great future ahead ggmu❤


      Congrats on 4 million Manchester United

      1. RangialehPubg Rangialehpubg

        Khublei ❤️ ba phui subparakraid iaka UTD❤️ ba don 4mtr

    63. Blueish

      PLshows is big brain... 1 view, 18 likes, 4 comments

      1. Blueish

        @Ali Waseef Ik it's a joke

      2. Ali Waseef

        Its a glitch Chill

    64. Owen Law


    65. B

      Proud of You, BOYZZZZZ😍😍😍😍

    66. LaDanc

      so proud of the lads! hoping a lot of them break through and lead us to glory in the future.

      1. Israel C M

        They will definitely make it especially with Ole willing to select the youth players.. and am certain a few of them will be selected for pre season training with the senior team.

      2. ปฏิภาญ บัวเผื่อน

        so proud of the lads! hoping s lot of them break through and lead us to

    67. Vishesh Goyal

      Zinedine come out😂

    68. Ashwin N


    69. Danzzy

      Zidane and 10 planks of wood... 👀

      1. Pa Thang