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    Watch all the goals from the weekend, as our women's team won 4-1 against Tottenham Women, our Under-23s won 4-2 on Friday night v Chelsea, our Under-18s comfortably beat Wolves 5-1 and our Esports team picked up three points against Bayern Munich Esports which features TWO half-way line goals...
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    1. Ibnu Abdurrahman

      Where is the first team? I don't see it 😂

    2. Jordan Lukombo Da Silva

      Allez united vous êtes le meilleur équipe 💪👹⚽

    3. DMD

      Glazer's out

    4. infinity781

      Shola's name is a real mouthful one to say lol

    5. James Whittaker

      Great goals, wonder what these guys will be like in the future.

    6. lordoflordz7

      great real goals, really like zidane iqbal from the academy...those fifa goals were insane lol how do you score twice from the half way line in the same game..

    7. Golden boy

      Zidane iqbal is on fire 🔥🔥💯❤🔥💯

    8. Mochamad Fahmy Abdillah

      Mc neil getting unstoppable

    9. Payne

      Please manchester united I'm 17 years old can play cam,cm,cdm,lw & rw please admin let me get a chance at this pleaseeeee

    10. Sports TV

      Love you man United

    11. Nicho Besty

      Glazers out!

    12. King Higgins

      Glory man United

    13. SM 99

      Our 1st team cant score goals. Nothing more to expect when a manager says winning a trophy is a ego thing

      1. SM 99

        @elijerrr I have seen all matches even that match where we lost to Istanbul and got knocked out of Champions league eventually

      2. elijerrr

        You must’ve missed the last match 😂

      3. spammalina


      4. SM 99

        @Tarcisio Mauad If Ole doesn't win the Europa league this time he will never win a trophy at Utd. He is trying to save his job by only qualifying for the Champions league. Puppet in the hands of the Glazers. At least Mourinho could go against the owners. Ole doesn't have the guts to challenge for a trophy

      5. Tarcisio Mauad

        ur exaggerating pal

    14. Stephone Cloud

      Let McNeil play in first team... Come on Ole.

    15. Jervis1916

      It’s that bad that when the 1st team don’t score they include the E-Sports team 😂😂

    16. Eckyredtheunready

      Great to see Zidane Iqbal back at it.

    17. Ian Deeley

      Shout out to the eFootball team, after losing Game 1 5-0, they comeback to win Game 2 5-2! GGMU!

    18. R C

      Why do every one but the 1st team wear white shorts

    19. Саня МалыйMan

      Дьяволы навсегда!!!

    20. Mathew Kalemera

      Man like sure ra tee ray 🤣

    21. Calvyn Brando

      Congrats Tooo 4 Milion SUBSCRIBER

    22. Tom Hine

      Esports highlights before the Women's team? pathetic, have a word

    23. Matt Merchant

      The caption is wrong; the women won 4-1 not 4-0

    24. Csokops #glazersout


    25. Tomsvids



      Seems like everyone but the 1st team did well this weekend

      1. Csokops #glazersout


    27. NAF Official

      Assalamualaikum semoga jaya terus 🙏

    28. Rice and beans

      Jesus is the way the truth and the life no one gets to heaven except through Him. Repent before it’s too late it’s your choice... heaven or hell change your ways and turn to Him !!!

      1. Hayden


    29. Editing_hut


    30. Minecraft Villager

      I wonder why the first team isn’t in the title

      1. Joseph M

        Stevee will get you, run

    31. Muzammil Master

      Glazers out

    32. J M

      No first team goals... 😔

    33. Artie Lucke

      Les gooooooooooo big up the devils

      1. ปฏิภาญ บัวเผื่อน

        Les go big up the devils

    34. 최윤석

      Lets go

    35. 최윤석


    36. 최윤석