Solskjaer & Shaw react to Elland Road draw | Leeds United 0-0 Manchester United | Premier League

Manchester United

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    Hear what manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and defender Luke Shaw made of the goalless draw versus Leeds United at Elland Road in the Premier League
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    Opublikowany 23 dni temu


    1. pinkfloyd870

      Manchester United best player was the referee.... what a slow and disingenuous interview... they lied all the way throught it, except for Ole in the first 10 seconds, who said he obviously new nothing, and then spent the rest of the interview proving it.... Luke Shaw handball ... would have been given by the referee, and given by VAR if it was the other way around

    2. The Red Angle

      Keep working hard, Up and Up ❤️❤️👍👍

    3. Rohit Pandey

      In the first 7 seconds itself he admitted that he hasn't got a clue, something that's been blatantly obvious for 2 years now... What more can we say?

    4. Shell Dahl

      I feel sorry for Fernandes and Cavani - they have been deceived: - Putting their trust in the heritage of Manchester United, and arriving to a club with a clown as the manager!

    5. Daniel X

      Vdb should have more game time.

    6. Maestissima Noctem

      Idiots discussing football in the comments. GLAZERS OUT

    7. King Higgins

      This is unacceptable from the players

    8. Aggrey Munyagwa

      Ole deffo had eyes on Thursday 👀

    9. Jamsheer Uc

      Glazers out🙏

    10. Jamsheer Uc

      Glazers outt

    11. james bolem

      Think of this fact, the Leeds team out today cost the same as ONE Man U player . and you drew 0-0. Man U and the other five need a points deduction for what they did last week.

    12. DMD

      Glazer's out

    13. Calle Stromberg

      Luke show spot on 👌

    14. AXE CF

      Manchester Uuited Live Training

    15. james bolem

      Leeds should have had a pen ,

    16. Vater Jacob

      Bielsa could be a potential coach for man but Solskajer does his job so well up till now.

    17. garyr11

      HAHA YOUR NEVER GOING TO WIN A PL title with a bunch OF wimps AND DRAMA QUEENS [leeds fan]

    18. Laith Al-faham

      Glazers out

    19. Thomasjames Mcdonagh

      Glazers out 🔰🔰🔰

    20. David Oliver

      Leeds tucked Man U in beautifully and had best chances u fans crying over it...get over it!

    21. Sebastian Memphis

      Keep some key players in the squad and buy world class right winger and striker as replacement for Cavani. Go for league title next year.

    22. Steven Htoo

      I have to say Ole is improving well At his first season it’s 6th place Second season is 3rd place If United get 2nd place this time Maybe next year hmmmmm

    23. Gavin Pan

      Choosing to go defensive from the get go against leeds was a wrong move from ole... Sending pogba cavani and vdb so late in the game where from the start you're already struggling is beyond comprehension.

    24. Mitch Trewin

      Ole make your subs about 15 mins earlier

    25. Fretz07

      Let's not forget.... GLAZERS OUT

    26. Renaud NG MAN SUN

      Exciting did Ole said. May be I didn't watch the same match???

    27. Millybub k

      Can't depend on Cavani evrytime shld have backup striker if u wana save Cavani for upcoming games

    28. Millybub k

      We need consistent striker sum 1 we cn depend on by creating space taking shots and not afraid to dribble

      1. Rob M

        Cavani all day - every game. Its a no brainer Ole!

    29. Millybub k

      We need Cavani to start off every game pogba Bruno rotate ur squad van De beek more game time bring amad diallo make changes to bring goals

    30. Millybub k

      Y ddnt he start off with he's best team and make changes after u lead the game by 2 goals atleast

    31. Mehmet Pektas

      Ole has overestimated himself, he has no special tactic, his team win, because of star players not because of him philosophy.

    32. owen williams

      When will he give up with these really late substitutions?

    33. Maple Maples

      Poor management by Ole. He is a defensive minded coach, should have played Pogba or Van De Beek from the start. He always does this playing Fred and Scott in big games to protect Harry maguire who is the worst defender out there. If he knows there is weakness why sell Lindelof, Maguire and buy better defenders? You cannot keep these players and expect Glazers who anyway won't pay for more defenders. We need a new coach.

    34. Robert Doyle

      Why do we even bother naming feckin subs. Ole was "the super sub" FFS why oh feckin why doesn't he use them ????

    35. Miguel Branco

      Glazers out

    36. Fion Luk

      I am a bit disappointed for the result itself, but overall I could still see the qualities we have, just a little lack of sharpness, desire to win. Move on lads!

    37. t paul

      Should have ask him what did donny do for him to be treated so

    38. Anthony Jarvis

      Solid but not brilliant performance, on to Roma next! GLAZERS OUT!

    39. martin canning

      Ole making he dominated but what chances did his team actually have? Phillips had Bruno in his pocket. Just admit you were bang average ffs

    40. Mr Dada

      shows u how much I know 😂😂😂😂

    41. Duc Nguyen

      If at Chelsea Ole would have been fired for a long time

      1. Ivan Amassivedump

        Your talking waffle mate.

    42. Third Kit Raphinha

      Shaw out here playing basketball

    43. Ian Mathenge

      ole if you see 1st half no impact to some players substitute them early not wait until 82th minutes

    44. Ian Mathenge

      Big team we defeat them, small team we draw or thy score against us y.....y this has to happen. we must win every game big or small okey.

    45. Ian Mathenge

      why you substituted pogba and you exactly bruno and pogba they've got chemistry together and work together efficiently y ole...y ole do you want the 2nd position Leicester to take seriously am not happy am disappointed.

      1. Jirayu Vijjakajohn

        Pogba was fasting. So don't expect him to play full game

    46. Ian Mathenge

      ole very disappointing selection you make today

    47. Anthony White

      Learn how to use subs better. His ingame management is terrible.

    48. Marcel Paul

      Glazers OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Julia Richards

        Bin Salman has described them as the most prestigious club in the world who he'd like to take to the pinnacle of european football,his words not mine.

      2. Debtchester United

        Who in his right mind will buy this dead debt club🤡😂

    49. Shell Dahl

      Ole: "The accuracy ended 15 yards form the goal " 🤣😂😅 ... Ole is a joke !!!

      1. Shell Dahl

        ... oh YES, he actually said that in a live interview directly after the match - UNBELIEVABLE, that is my point !!!

    50. Rahadian Kelik Prayoga

      United weakness showed here: - James looks lost (definitely could’ve been improvement/upgraded player) - Such a waste of Bruno and Pogba without having a real talisman striker.

    51. Syaufi Shaharuddin

      please give vbd more chance. plus when you know its so hard to pass leeds defence why not bring cavani in earlier lol

    52. Nhlonipho Msweli

      He predicted 0-0. The manager knows.. McTominay + Fred = ZERO goals for us against strong teams, but VDB still cant get a start. SMH

    53. Real Freedom

      Paul scholes : “ it was handball he’s a very lucky boy “

      1. David Oliver

        I agree Paul ..was a penno all day!

    54. Attila Molnar

      Ole said on Sky we played really well and here he said we deserved to win?! If that’s what he really thinks he’s delusional. We were just as horrible as leeds. This match was so poor it didn’t deserve the game. We haven’t even had one clear cut scoring chances. And if you don’t even create a chance you don’t deserve to win.

    55. 【Jack】

      More points then last season at least

    56. Silenti

      It was strange that he didn’t make any subs earlier - was he satisfied with 0-0? I would have gotten Van De Beek, Pog and Cavani on around 60-70.

    57. William McKee

      I think we should play this way against scumchester all the time , we never get justice from the referee .

    58. E, Ceesay

      4m subscribers

    59. E, Ceesay

      Ole sub late, glad with the performance. We need to be clinical infront of goal. We go with Roma nxt week. GGMU

    60. Oneil Forseh

      Starting two brainless defensive midfielders against Leeds. Leaving Daniel James on the pitch for 75 minutes. The fact that Daniel James even starts ahead of a 35M Amad Diallo is ridiculous. Bringing Donny Van De Beek disrespectfully at 88 minutes as usual. Overplaying an overrated Rashford for literally no reason. Bringing on Pogba and Cavani with little or no time to affect the game when both of them should have started to begin with. Bailly and Tuanzebe continue to rot on the bench. Smh! Ole...well done sir.

      1. Jirayu Vijjakajohn

        First of all Bailey had covid, second, pogba was fasting so dont expect him to play full game

    61. OmniXenO

      The referee to the rescue as usual

    62. J R

      I just can’t wait for the day you get the same destiny as Jose did

    63. Mym8 GGMU

      I think Ole had next Thursday on his mind 🤔

    64. Daryl Waldron

      dumba** ole

    65. Owen Mighty

      Ole need to make subs earlier it going to be him down fall ☹️☹️☹️

    66. Muhammad zoabi

      The problem not that Dean had nothing to do, the problem that Ole had nothing to do, he could stay home and nothing will change, back six, first sub around 80 min

    67. Nazeem Francke

      How the hell does Daniel James start ahead of Pogba, Cavani and Van De Beek🤦🏽‍♂️ Ole is really a clueless manager

    68. Anton Wijaya


    69. DAVID HIRST Photo

      can tell lukes uncomfortable infront of camera always fidgeting with his hands,ole whats with the crazy late subs,dvb i feel for him as its almost an insult

    70. Skydes

      Did we just hit 4M?

    71. Professor B

      OLE out !

    72. Jonathan Hadley

      Couldnt beat a newly promoted team....

    73. Nico Bailey

      You payed the ref thou and you own the VAR because that was a clear penalty.. thats cheating I cant believe I am living to see this

    74. Henry Kwidini

      Deserved to win? That was a bizarre performance in my opinion, boring to watch

    75. Adam Levitt

      Glazers Out. Love United, hate the Glazers

    76. boobies158

      Glazers out

    77. Larry S

      Won’t win the league with lindelof in the back

    78. Bruno Penandes

      Terrible manager. Get ole out.

    79. Chetan Dubal

      I understand saving Pogba n Cavani for the Europa league which is the priority now, specially with 2nd position pretty much wrapped up.. but what the hell was Ole saving Van De Beek for? Not like he'll start in midweek, which only shows that he doesn't trust Donny.. sad

      1. Rohit Revankar

        Exactly when has VDB proven to be an impact player or a game changer? He's average at best.... As much as we need the Glazers OUT I think the VDB train also needs to be booted! I have nothing against him.. but I totally support Ole's decision to not trust him.. maybe VDB can show us more next season after a break and a decent preseason.. but I won't be holding my breath..

    80. Di Cure

      yow mi nah lie dis game is ah must w game 😣if man u nuh win di league it dun to ole gunner innah real life/way 😭

    81. jeff ichai

      let us focus on the semi-finals on thursday

    82. Viet Anh Vu

      Well this defo have to be the decider of the title 😂

    83. Jordy7


    84. nikola gorgieski

      If we don't win europa i am ole out

    85. Chris Farquharson

      What about Rashford ball in the first half

    86. M T

      Stupid starting line-up to begin with.. Ole should be crying instead smiling in this interview, his decision with the starting line-ups and late subs cost manchester united the title this season. This sad game made me drink again.

    87. fadlyhans82

      Lousy game play with lousy tactics and lousy starting line up , again, with lousy Daniel James who play lousily.

    88. Lee fitz26

      Ole being gullible thinking Leeds where gona come at us wide open, absolute rookie

    89. Krishanan Merdono

      "It definitely wont be a 0-0, it cant be a 0-0."

    90. Alex Mulugeta

      Ole the Legend should've reacted to the banner because that was more interesting than the game itself! Glazers Out then Ole Out!

    91. Mike Slattery


    92. Dhiva van persie Rahman

      4 milion subscribe this is more and more passion.. GLORY GLORY MAN UTD 🥰

    93. Leon Iranosian

      We move on focus on the Europa League

    94. James Cole

      I never thought United looked like scoring today, Never really opened up Leeds at any point just flashes and subs was so late to change the game.

    95. logiclust

      I love the English Premier Leave

      1. ปฏิภาญ บัวเผื่อน

        I love the English Premier Leave

    96. toni oj

      Well played boys it was not our side today

    97. geoffrey botha

      Ole has zero respect for Don V, how can you always put him in 5mins

    98. geoffrey botha

      Van Been was there, you didn't use him wisely

    99. Saahil Nagar

      This game was pretty disappointed and Ole needs to make more subs. Shouldve used those 3 players around the 50 or 60th minute. COME ON UNITED LETS GET BACK 👹❤️🔴

      1. David Oliver

        Leeds made you look ordinary chances were Dallas and Costa !

    100. Paul Dawe

      So the title charge is over 😅😅😅😅😅