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Manager's Press Conference | Manchester United v Liverpool | Ole Gunnar Solskjaer | Premier League

Manchester United

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    Hear from United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as he spoke to the press to preview Sunday's clash with Liverpool at Old Trafford after the Reds' UEFA Europa League win over AS Roma.
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    1. United GBG

      Love United Hate Glazer 🔰🔰🔰🇸🇪

    2. Truth


    3. Adox 28

      We want Glazers out!

    4. Michael Myers


    5. Michael Myers


    6. Michael Myers


    7. Michael Myers


    8. Michael Myers


    9. Michael Myers


    10. Michael Myers


    11. Michael Myers


    12. Michael Myers

      Glazers out

    13. Michael Myers

      Glazers out

    14. Michael Myers

      Glazers out

    15. Michael Myers

      Glazers out

    16. Michael Myers

      Glazers out

    17. Michael Myers

      Glazers out

    18. Michael Myers

      Glazers out

    19. Michael Myers


    20. 456 123

      Kill Glazers.

    21. Wahyu Widayat

      GLEZER OUT!!

    22. A minute to learn

      Unsubscirbe to show the protest. Bring it down to 1M over 3 days.

    23. Youlian

      I am from the future let me tell you that the match will be postponed

    24. Aji Purnomo

      Lack of trophy, so they start the protest... oHh, poor United

    25. Damien Hostey

      Straight out of oles mouth 2nd 3rd and 4th is like another trophy 🏆 what a joke ole is to say that . He of all people should know better

    26. Mouhammed Arif

      GLAZERS OUT 🔰🔰🔰🔰

    27. Mouhammed Arif

      Glazers out is there after delaying the game

    28. 5555

      I miss you *De gea

    29. Eh Why Not

      Who is here when the fans raided Old Trafford?

    30. L F

      Glazers out

    31. Hammal Amiri

      From an Arsenal fan, I am proud of the United protests today, keep it up fans stand together Glazers Out

      1. AMXHDEdits


    32. Ariean Troy

      GLAZERS 👎👎👎👎👎

    33. Ariean Troy

      GLAZERS OUT!!!!

    34. Lonewolf Undercover

      Who's here after finding out the match was postponed

    35. Pooja jaswal Kalia

      Shame on Glazers Match cancelled because of Fans Saying Glazers out

    36. No mind

      Big respect for the Man U "fans" /Swedish Liverpool fan

    37. Warren Forest


    38. Murwidyawan Channel

      *SCUDETTO INTER 19* 🇮🇩 🇮🇹 💙🖤 🏆

    39. Rekha Manjunath

      Glazers out!!

    40. vindality

      Terrible sound by the journalists questions.

    41. Abraham Chinye

      Ole needs to get sacked for saying Phil Jones is like a new signing alone

    42. Bagus Wicaksono

      Let's go Manchester united 🔴❤️🔴❤️🔴❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥

    43. Aayushmaan Mazoomdar

      Is it gonna kill them to engineer better audio quality and stream it to the PLshows channel?

    44. a2z

      manutd pls sign dortmund Michael Zorc. He sign sancho bellingham haaland dembele players manutd wanted. Instead of spending hundred of millions in transfer fee & getting overcharged by other clubs, manutd should get Micheal Zorc who discover n sign these players for cheap

      1. Ariean Troy

        Err do you know how Zorg and Dortmund managed to land those talented youngsters in the first place? They spent so much money on agent fees and accept the release clause.

    45. Fahad Akhtar

      Under all that smiling, Ole looks like a manager who seems scary enough when he's having a go at his players.

    46. Brian Ngige

      This is england's biggest fixture...we should win it

    47. giasifman

      4 million congrats Man utd

    48. Denish Wahengbam

      Pliz let Liverpool score a goal on the first half..then the excitement begins

    49. Christian Headley

      Cavani against Liverpools defence

    50. Parijat Saha

      Should we invest in CR7?

    51. Apis Hunter

      Come on united!!!!!! Let's finish the scousers!!!!!

    52. 냥집사

      Varane Sancho Rice

    53. Afiq Akhtar

      They should probably put a chat box to solve the audio issue particularly for those with long questions.

    54. Keshav Jindal

      I hope city win the champions league, then guardiola will leave city and united would have a chance to win the league!

    55. MagirusDeutz Jupiter

      Long as UTD WIN, I am happy 😀😀😀. Ole has a really tough job, and my spirit and soul is with the fans, the team, and our pride. MUFC for life.

    56. Tracy Fielding

      Come on man utd, let's thrash liverpool 👍👌

    57. Ogharu Osinachi

      United can do it again

    58. The Red Angle

      Keep working hard, Up and Up ❤️❤️👍👍

    59. Lord Joseph

      I hope these journalists get better data plans.

    60. xbox united

      waiting for the highlights😒😭😢😢

    61. Glen Phillips

      Glazers out

    62. Kasim HR

      united can do it vs liverpool...keep cavani in the team👍

    63. S A

      Ik Man City need one more win But we can pull of a miracle it's unlikely but it's not impossible Beat Liverpool 3 points Every point matters

    64. No Name

      I remember the time when Roony and Ronaldo played together and won UEFA champions league , Manchester United was unbeatable at that time

    65. Heisenberg White

      If Donny doesn't start the game against Roma next week , he should leave asap . It's sad to see a player like him rot on the bench.

    66. American_boy

      Come on Manchester United...😭❤️❤️❤️

    67. Ian Mathenge

      take advantage of 1st half play hard and carefull to win DON'T give chance to sadio mane and Mohammed salah to shoot any shoot.

    68. DGC

      Is it really not possible to get better sound quality than this?

    69. Ian Mathenge

      same team played for roma 1st half should start the match tomorrow tight defence, more attackings and Henderson should be goalkeeper in this match all the best lads


        We need some changes.. Thursday to sunday little time of recovery, last thing we need is muscle injuries to inportant players.. Greenwood should come in. Rashford maybe start and replaced by cavani at HT but heyy Ole knows best lets trust him

    70. 4life Manchester United 100

      Let’s focus lads and get this win no matter how much the score get this win tomorrow .❤️👹let’s put Liverpool in their place and put them in the mud 💪😂

    71. Hamma Elyes

      Please ole start Bailly

    72. Man Red

      Cmon United 💚💛


      Let's go beat Liverpool gys come on

    74. Joe Hill

      I mean we going to Europa Final and should finish 2nd in Premiership League so its been a great season. Yes I know we still have 2nd leg against Roma but come on 6-2 head start lol.

    75. Luca De Gabriele

      Let's not send Liverpool to Top 4!!! Come On United

    76. onotu aliyu ohindase

      Come on United 🔴✊🏿

    77. SM 99

      Glazers out. No more sucking money. Enough is enough

    78. Warwick Road

      Amazed that in 2021, the biggest football club in the World, and a crop of current journalists can't sort some decent audio out for the Press Conference! Ole just takes it in his stride. Keep Cavani & Pogba, plus one or two more Summer additions and we will be the new force.

    79. Ajit Garg

      I am failing to understand, why Admin of this page, fails to upload the highlights of the game. Not only highlights of the goals, we like to see all those special moments of the game too. But there is no post of the highlights of Europa Semi final.

    80. Mark Oconnor

      This is a certain away banker come on the mighty Liverpool

    81. Kevin McKie

      simon stone IS donald duck

    82. Jirayu Vijjakajohn

      What do you call SAF style of play?


      Glazers not even paying for the wifi 😅

    84. Only Hooman

      Stop bringing on James and Matic over Van De Beek and Amad!

    85. beata torczyk

      Manchester United

    86. Mr Bille

      Arsenal will win the Europa League.

      1. Mr Bille

        @Zaeim Feed. Positive Motivation Deef Mieaz.

      2. Zaeim Feed. Positive Motivation

        If they get past the second leg.

    87. Oreoluwa Emmanuel

      Wow, we've hit 4 million subs 🤩

    88. adarsh singh

      I think we should let the manager do a press briefing and then let the reporters ask queries on something the manager has missed.

    89. SPACEY boiii

      We must win this game boys.🔴⚪Pushing them from the top 6 wil be delightful for us.

    90. justin aw liang tze

      United please beat Liverpool come on

    91. CAPTIGER.

      Highlight as Roma vs Manchester united please😭😭😭😭🙏

    92. Nalugo Sulainah

      Do it boys do it again beat Liverpool pls show them talents &skill as u do it b4❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    93. alieu Mballow

      Please no charge xi . and we need win

    94. Desire To Reality

      He was stuttering and mentally wondering off while speaking about the owners

    95. Λάζαρος Αναστασιάδης

      Ole in glazers out 🙂

    96. LevinM4

      MU 10 - 0 Liverpool 🤗🤗 boss We beat we beat!!

    97. syndicate

      Rome wasn't built in a day but United demolished it in 90 min, lets reciprocate it on sunday

    98. Saïbou Tine

      Special game

    99. Kripzie

      As a honest looserpool fan you will smash us

    100. Spotless Leopard

      Extremely pertinent question from Simon Stone. I've always wondered what mgghmm brrrrnw slv prrr vrrr chh chpbh is as well.