Manager's Press Conference | Leeds v Manchester United | Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Manchester United

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    Hear from United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ahead of his side's trip to face Leeds United at Elland Read in the Premier League on Sunday.
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    1. King Higgins

      Just politics Don't like it

    2. Hond

      Ole solskjaer out !!

    3. Tradeladder

      Congrats to Leeds on holding them 0-0 Today a true Scoreline.

    4. MeLoJ EuqirneH

      Pede pra sair Solskjaer! E leva o Martial junto! 🎡🐢

    5. Don’tWorry™️

      What the LOL your formation OGS!,players on fire like a pogba and cavani u can put in reserve then u give james to played LOL! FY! 🤪

    6. Billy Shabir

      Rashford aim put boots on all week and you think he’s ready for a game against Leeds? Cmon man your killing the kids career

    7. J T

      Ole openly spoke out against the Glazers buying the club years ago!!



    9. Fintan gately

      Well handled Ole

    10. Ogenyi David

      Can't stop loving @ole. I'll always want him to win trophies for us and stay many more years ❣️

    11. Jacob Caughey

      *I LOVE OLE*

    12. Black Mamba

      When did Andy Serkis get the Man United job 😆😆😆

    13. Kevin Odhiambo

      Ole is smart upstairs...l just love him for free

    14. Football Fans Frenzy

      This Ole is a politician...

    15. Toluwalashe Olajide

      That question about Joel Glazer was absolutely ridiculous. Why not just ask me to tell his employer to f*** off

    16. fahd ali

      Utd foreva

    17. Ishwaq Abdullahi

      Ole thank you.

    18. Anand Ramachandran

      13:45 Bubba Ray Dudley is in the house

    19. marc johnson

      Yeahhhhhhhhh course!

    20. Aussie Andy


    21. 4life Manchester United 100

      I support u ole 4ever and ManUnited.

    22. 4life Manchester United 100

      Love u ole happy . ManUnited the best 4ever ❤️👹💪🔥❤️

    23. Original Unoriginal

      No one elaborates and emphasises the "T" at the end of the word "ThaTttT"(that) than Ole does!

    24. Magnews Magnews

      From now i am Ole’s simp. Idc anymore, he is the right man for this club regardless. Football is about the fans and the impact on their lives. To have a positive, honest, not self obsessed man in that possition is so nice. If you know anything about a modern day football team or teams of the past for that matter. Simple tactics is down to the analytical team and the coaches. Ole is mostly a man manager and the leader of the team, meaning everyone at carrington, approx 300 people. His job is a little more than on Fifa. And we know the club is very happy with Ole and the spirit is high. He is doing the job fantasticly. Perfect fit!

    25. Thomas Doherty


    26. Dr. Dang

      The amount of saliva gulping Ole does, he could easily play ‘Scorpion’ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. lol

    27. Ahmed Salah

      GLAZERS out The club belongs to the fans

    28. Rebecca Sanjyotee Chellumbrun

      I have only one question is Ronaldo coming to man United pls answer me plspls

    29. Mohamed Mustafa

      Sven botman Sven botman Sven botman

    30. Imre Szegedi

      We don't need Varane (goal).

    31. satya paul

      I want many coach for bring up mnu

    32. Ivan Israel

      I thought he did very well considering the predicament he was put in.Stick by him he feels the club through and through.

    33. Alex Parkinson

      Fantastic leader, not like the owners.

    34. Vivek Yadav

      Play david so he can build confidence against roma atleast we can win europa adls degea reach and reflex is better than anyone else

    35. Abe Hussein

      I respect Ole. He is cool headed that helps much.

    36. Michael Vrabel

      but joel loves mufc ?????

    37. Stathis Tanatzis

      🐍🐍🐍🐍GLAZERS OUT 🐍🐍🐍🐍

    38. Richard Appiah

      Wish my darling club to win today's todays match against our biggest rival despite the bullshit ESL attempts..proud to be man.Utd fan

    39. Mandume Ya Ndemufayo

      Ole is the perfect man for this transitional period. Hope he deliver us the Europa League!

    40. Adiele Princewill

      Best manager since sir Alex left....ole in,

    41. justin aw liang tze

      Please win it 🙏🙏🙏

    42. dacads

      The way his face changed at 8:10 , everyone knows the answer to that question already

    43. Hamed Mohamed

      Yes the ESL but how about the team news? Seems like the reporters were carried away

    44. Terry Houston

      Thot it funny he said "we listened"

    45. Jake Bannon

      Glazers out

    46. Rumana Khanom

      I'm your 4.7k like :)

    47. Headlikeafkin orange

      i love how after the first question he was like thats enough let's focus on the match vs leeds now but then managed to bring it up in his answers for all the other questions not about the ESL

    48. Saltxn

      It’s disgusting how reporters blatantly ask Ole questions about the Glazers knowing that if he slips up he could lose his job. Shameful.

    49. Fede Wesley

      Finished club getting carried by Ole. Not a top 20 club in europe in my book.

    50. David James

      Glazers out

    51. Dilip Pandey

      Samuel even a reporter ?

    52. Sam Shankar


    53. Theetso Phalalo


    54. Charlotte Hopper

      Love united hate glazers

    55. True sport

      Glazers out

    56. Matt Gibbons

      A very telling moment is when he described the involvement in the ESL as "a mistake". That tells you exactly where he's at.

    57. Razi Kroos

      Super league not a bad thing. Every year we can play real barca bayern juventus milan. Wonderful. The fans should think about this. Not fair for other small clubs but exciting for the club. If not because of english fans the super league would happen

    58. Alk.t -

      I regret every time that I want him out, much respect much love ,Ole Ole at the wheel

    59. Weet_dawad Shangpliang

      He eats, drinks, breathes Manchester United, loves the fans, high regards on the fans but the only thing is please use the substitution a little early don't make the first eleven too tired:D

    60. Mick Riverside

      Man is troubled not by events, but by the meaning he gives to them. Ole sees fans uniting, true gaffer 😎 Gonna be bias referees and Leeds players will have a point to prove. Use it against them Let's do some swaggy link-up play and they gonna wish that we gonna stop at 6 😈

    61. Davie Okings

      Its time to tell leeds that united ain't city🔥🌚

    62. ᴀᴋᴀsʜ ᴋʟᴍ


    63. Abraham L. Tobing

      Glazers out.

    64. Saïbou Tine

      We need these last points That will be more previsible to win theses two matches specially against our historic rivals.

    65. Daz Fisher

      Utd will win on sunday 3-1 vs leeds

    66. Wheysted Gym rat & man utd fan UK 86

      Get 3 points, 69 points?!

    67. Wheysted Gym rat & man utd fan UK 86

      It wasn't the players and manager that wanted the league thing

    68. gorbott


    69. Orlando Gomez

      “That fear of failure”

    70. kinda cool

      I can't stop looking at man city's remaining fixtures and try to predict which matches they could potentially drop points. Then I realise, we should win all our matches first. Come on United... GGMU 💪❤🔥

    71. Ebrima Baa-Kebba Ceesay

      Lol 4 mins on one question lol 😃😃😃 Ole really not happy about ESL

    72. Oladepo Olaniyonu

      Shame on Samuel Luckhurst

    73. Śââďãq otto

      Glazers Muppet

    74. Pauly Smith

      Totally agree with Ole, you have to earn the right to play in the highest competition. It’s like anything in life, you want it you have to earn it. Spot on Ole

    75. syndicate

      Glazers out,period!!

    76. Milan Shukla

      Glazers out!!!!!!!!!

    77. Risper Mecanzie

      Smashed the interview. One of his best.

      1. 4life Manchester United 100


    78. Ktobin10

      Ole knows it talks mad respect 💯

    79. Gerardo Urinch

      Glazers Out!

    80. ExaltedPlayz

      6:40 Why is Ole impersonating Jamie carrager

    81. Tommy

      Please just win!!! I beg!!! Just win!!!

    82. Risto Bozhinov

      Ole, full support! ❤

    83. Trym Main Channel Eldby

      Solskjaer talks so much he has to take a breathing pause, guess he has been pretty frustrated lately

    84. diversión saben olives

      Tomorrow more than ever we have to win

    85. Paul Wright

      He's in his dream job and scared to say anything out of fear of being sacked

    86. Neil Crowe

      Brilliantly handled

    87. Lucas Birkbeck

      Glazers out Saturday 3pm

    88. Stephen Folan

      Can we bin Sam Luckhurst from these manager press conferences in the future. Total gobshite.

    89. A. S

      7:55 Look at this click bait piece of trash.

    90. Ukiyo Presents:

      Oles the only manager I’ve loved since Sir Alex. I believe we’ll win our first title since 2013 with Ole.. I hope anyway

      1. Ukiyo Presents:

        @Nwaoha Joel Ndubuisi I did say I hope

      2. Nwaoha Joel Ndubuisi


    91. S A

      Man Utd with proper caring Owners with a football mind the club would be on another level📈

    92. Luke 82

      Simon Stone in a toilet cubicle having a dump when the presser came to him 😆

    93. The Red Angle

      Keep working hard, Up and Up ❤️❤️👍👍

    94. Enida Cokoja


    95. Tapor E

      Ole based

    96. Grime

      They DIDN'T listen to us at all! they were forced out!

    97. choby02

      You can see it in Ole’s eyes he’s livid with the Glazers and Ed but he won’t do them dirty like they did to him. United vs Liverpool at OT next weekend should be very interesting 👀 Glazers OUT!

    98. Frik0z


    99. Batman Knightfan

      Glazers OUT

    100. José Sánchez

      Dear Manchester United my name is Jose Sanchez i never played soccer in my life but i really want to tryouts for the team i promise my grandma that one day i will left the world up i hate when people don't take me serious about my career i really want to tryouts for the team i really be happy if i get a reply back on my really want to tryouts for the team