Women's Highlights | Manchester United 4-1 Tottenham Hotspur | FA Women's Super League

Manchester United

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    See all the highlights as Manchester United made a winning return to Women’s Super League action with a 4-1 victory over Tottenham Hotspur at Leigh Sports Village.
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    1. King 5

      Keeper can’t save a pdf file smh

    2. Crazy Mner

      Love all player ..

    3. Pawan Dhami

      need few quality signings ASAP for the next season

    4. Simon McGough

      I love man utd ladies team,,,,,,

    5. Raphael

      EA PLS GIVE ME Women’S League IN FIFA 22-23 PLSSSS

    6. อีอ้วนเมียไอยุด เป็นสายตํารวจ

      โหดมาก กล้าการันตีแชมป์เลย ฟอร์มแบบนี้แหละมันคือแมนยูที่รัก ที่เราเคยเห็นมันนานมากแล้ว

    7. Rhys Peregrine

      All jokes aside, this is some quality football

    8. Fut PLAY


    9. Alicultivated

      0:52 Dafuq... sounded like a baloon popping.

    10. KOKOSAN

      All beautifull crossing

    11. The SuperKid Villan

      Can Christen Press teach Harry Maguire how to direct headers please lol

    12. Kimochi Banzai

      Proud of the girls! GGMU!

    13. Alan Ln

      This is so cute

    14. dangfranklin ahadi

      Do they play in other stadiums or???

    15. confidence owusu

      Keep the pressure on

    16. Zamo Dlamini

      Tottenhams goal !!

    17. B.A.T07


    18. Ebenezer Madu

      love to United women from Kenya❤❤

    19. Fiki Akbar

      Very happy ggmu

    20. Azhar Baik

      which one ole daugther

      1. -rest

        She play for u21 only.

    21. Mohd Nazri

      Looks like the ladies will win the title sooner than the man

    22. DMD

      Glazer's out

    23. Luthfi Fathan

      Pancen Oye tenan MU

      1. bayu supriyanto

        jan mirip oskadon bro wkwkwkkwkwwk

    24. TE B 01 Atul Mohite

      Ella Toone ❤

    25. Sunny Bee Melody Official

      where is Lauren James?

    26. Imre Szegedi

      Nice ones! 👍

    27. Marre D Thesavior

      Nice goals!!

    28. tnsfmj15

      Amazing pass from press & toone

    29. Shahriar Rushdee

      Was not Katie our penalty taker?

    30. adarsh singh

      zalem is a proud captain 😂

    31. Zaeim Feed. Positive Motivation

      Please give mata more time on the pitch!

    32. David Lee

      the ladies cross better than the men

      1. Young Pacaso

        And they have better tap-ins

    33. 이준호

      never say the word : super league

      1. PhiliP Jones

        Hi Dear, why did you say that?

    34. Nana Konadu Valencia

      Here I found my girlfriend 😍

    35. Singgih Waskito

      Wait,, can we use woman team to replace the man team ?

      1. PhiliP Jones

        No we can't do that.. that's not possible we can't use woman team to replace men team impossible

    36. K부라더

      여자축구도 ㅈㄴ게 못하네

      1. K부라더

        @PhiliP Jones 谢谢,您告诉我关于天安门大屠杀。以前你说的习近平暗杀计划在顺利进行吗? 你提起天安门时, 笑嘻嘻地喜欢上了 上次说要为香港示威加油的是什么? 赞成维吾尔族人独立,欢迎啊 看你用韩语说怀念刘晓波,你是好人啊 你用韩文问过"想知道西藏人民是怎么被共产党镇压的吗?" 在这里见到"法轮功"修炼者,真高兴。 对下一个集结地应该很清楚吧? 习近平领导的反对独裁"的演讲用韩文写的好听了。 现在是付诸行动的时候了。 天安门 法轮功 刘晓波 天安门相关活动进展顺利 小心被当局逮住 工作一结束手机就销毁 爲什麼不看郵件? 沒有看到我們革命軍的中國民主化指令嗎?

      2. PhiliP Jones




    38. khate qhate

      Every goal was super perfect

    39. Nick Mail

      Its like watching an under 10 team.

    40. geoffrey botha

      I'm focusing my attention on the women. Ole is a disaster ,want to know why wait for game against Villarreal

    41. False Alarms

      female referees, female commentators, female head coaches... ❤

      1. Yeremia Krisanto

        Women aupremacy

    42. Sports TV

      I you man United

    43. King Higgins

      Glory glory man United

    44. Aditya Mishra

      Ladies, it's spurs

    45. Ian Deeley

      Wonderful Victory For Our Girls!

    46. Payne

      Ella toone break the girl ankles 😂😂😂😂

    47. Anang Su

      What a freekick

    48. Shika Aman

      Last goal was just lit

    49. Porsche # you& me #P&N

      Love 💕

    50. Nanang Sukaryono

      What a pretty game.

    51. Ramona cleotilde vargas

      Vamos!!!!❤Manchester united ⚽️🇦🇷👍

    52. ms s

      3 games left this season...lets win all of it

    53. ms s


    54. -rest

      Kirsty Hanson on fire!

    55. Sean Chin

      What a strike from tottenham! The penalty was beautifully struck without any fancy fun-ups and hesitation. The ManUnited Women's team keeps performing consistently it's amazing.

      1. PhiliP Jones

        The tottenham free kick was amazing as I thought.

      2. Shadow 10

        @Sean Chin ah it’s fine I was just wondering because I was like what Tottenham didn’t score a penalty 😂

      3. Sean Chin

        @Shadow 10 yeah no worries, I was talking about different goals but should’ve made it clearer. My bad. The freekick was superb so credit where it’s due and the penalty from United was well struck.

      4. Djamal Sihga

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      5. Shadow 10

        The strike from Tottenham was a free kick unless u were talking about the united goal

    56. Israel C M

      This team will get better in the long run, considering it's less than three years old... some quality signings in the summer will make the team stronger..

      1. ms s

        I hope the Oshoala rumor is ture!

    57. Myboyz Mkhize

      At least the women have a Super League 😂

      1. Emily Smith

        @Mr.Steal_yo Gurl 😭

      2. Mr.Steal_yo Gurl

        @Emily Smith 🥶

      3. Emily Smith

        @Mr.Steal_yo Gurl 😃🔫

      4. Mr.Steal_yo Gurl

        @Emily Smith E

      5. Emily Smith


    58. miguel angel chavez miranda

      Beautiful win :D

    59. Samuel 95

      So many angel

    60. GolovaMiach 365

      Tottenham's goal is graceful

      1. Hery Sndr

        Puskas candidate

      2. Dian Realme

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    61. arnav pandit

      No trophies for the Spurs women team either I guess😂

      1. PhiliP Jones

        Hello I hope you don't mind my friendship with you here.

    62. Fake LaN


    63. Petr Ivanov

      Normal people not interesting woman football lol

    64. MSC 125

      Man u