Top 10 Premier League Headers | Cavani, Ronaldo, Chicharito, Cantona & More | Manchester United

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    After Edinson Cavani's flying diving header at Tottenham last weekend, we look back on ten of our favourite headed goals from the Premier League era!
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    1. Bharath R

      I am unsubscribing until the Glazers leave. I don't want to enable a history channel

    2. Dannel Kamar

      where is Amad Diallo's header enhe

    3. Laljama Laljama


    4. Laljama Laljama



      Ahora estos ingleses lo quieren a cavani. Pero bien que cuando paso el mal entendido. .....del negrito que escribió cavani. Aún amigo de manera cariñosa. Todos se borraron,condenaron yadie le dió su apoyo de Manchester..son unos falsos



    7. Cade Dunkley

      Amads was awesome

    8. Jonathan Stewart

      That Park goal is so underrated

    9. Alexandr Yakovetskiy

      What is Rashford doing here?

    10. alex watt

      Glazers out

    11. Stathis Tanatzis

      🐍🐍🐍🐍GLAZERS OUT🐍🐍🐍🐍

    12. Demetri C

      No Yorke??? Really?😒

    13. redoy sharif

      Not agreed with top 10 goals!!!!!

    14. rosebud buteme

      U guyz left out Ahmad diallo vs ac milan

    15. michael otengo

      Chicharito header is insane! But Cavani's goal against Southampton should up here

    16. Herdi Hernandez

      Chicharito the best

    17. Affan Nomaan

      Ji Sung Park is such an underrated legend... also Glazers Out

    18. ck47

      giggs is everwhere.. what a legend!

    19. Cameran Woodall

      We’re was amad diallo header vs Milan

    20. Meowing Kitty cat

      This is not a copy from football club I thought the same Cavani,s goal has to be there it’s lovely

    21. Joke Devils

      Yorke & Cole?!

    22. Dimash Auzhanov

      Me at 2nd goal: Top 10 headers without Chicharito is not top Chicharito: hold my can of peas

    23. 18-136 Manangi Yehezkiel Manalu

      Incredible header from Chicharito

    24. Ivan Hadiatna

      Cavani Stay Please!

    25. Harry Persad

      *Amad Dialo's goal against AC Milan should be here* 🔥🔥

    26. Smelly Fart

      Its kindof weird that RvN didnt make the list

    27. N Firmansyah

      Amad Diallo's should be here

    28. Magal mark

      Cavani'goal against spurs should be there

    29. After Modes Music

      3:42 😂 wat was Evra doing 😂 😂

    30. Hamdan Fathoni

      Amad Diallo?

    31. Hercule Poirot

      Chicarito's header vs Chelsea is also a great header

    32. luqman aditya

      Ronaldo best emotional celebrate😠😲

    33. Henata19 Studio

      Amad Diallo too goal special header against Milan needs to be there :D

    34. Ryan Sept

      Cristiano vs as roma ucl

    35. jrh gaming

      Screw your headers we want our club back

    36. Emmanuel Akinmosin

      Had to put that cavani's header on repeat tbh...

    37. ليث ابو محمد

      Unsubscribe to the 12 greedies.

    38. Henry Sanchez

      Manchester United is the greatest football club in the universe. ❤️

      1. Henry Sanchez

        @ليث ابو محمد Nah, I’ll still subscribe to United since I am aware it’s a business. You don’t seem to know that. :-)

      2. ليث ابو محمد

        Unsubscribe to the 12 greedies.

    39. Edo Trianda

      Always ronaldo favorit

    40. Aka Ali

      no super league

    41. foodie gaming

      Ronaldo goal against Chelsea?

    42. Ricky G Simons

      Chichirito's goal is overrated. even Park's goal is better

    43. Juno Lim

      no teddy's header ?

    44. Big Cheese Bill

      The commentary is so bad

    45. Jason Song

      Park's diving header against Liverpool ??

    46. Banjola Adesina

      cant believe all of this about to be snatched away by some super league

    47. Doni

      Fellaini's no look header against arsenal must be there

    48. tt Chan

      the one maguire against chelsea should be in that too

    49. Mzyx

      Ronaldo cl final ???

      1. Mzyx

        @Mr. Bacon ok srry didnt see

      2. Mr. Bacon

        Yh but no because its prem league not cl lol

    50. Singgih Gumilar Alam

      The best from the king cantona

    51. Amazing

      Chicharito's goal against Chelsea in Wembley needs to be there

    52. Elian Del Angel

      Canterano CHIVAS

    53. dimas pratama


    54. Darío Gutierrez

      Happy SAF can make a grown man cry.

    55. Constantine Koutalas

      Van persey hello?

    56. •ROHIT •

      Amad deserves better

    57. Jippsy 11

      Best PL header list with not one Vidic goal in it? It’s incomplete! In 06/07 season alone he had so many great headers.

    58. sujeet more


    59. Chief Keef 300 black disciples

      3:42 🤣😅

    60. Real Lajjo

      Ronaldo 2008 Champions league final?

      1. Mr. Bacon

        Its prem league not cl lol

    61. Sasi Maulidi

      Bring back Ronaldo

    62. Mokhtar Aulia


    63. Nikolay Velikov

      What about Berbatov header against Liverpool?

    64. Bondan Nugraha

      That Chicarito header should won a Puskas Award.

    65. James Roshan

      vidic got robbed! his header against real madrid was one of the great headers

    66. Bodo Sam

      Chicharito just had to be no 1 🔥

    67. A. Fauzi Amiirullah

      Indonesia 🇮🇩

    68. jramoh

      Chicarito should have a Hall of Fame on Manchester United.......

    69. Heracher

      Чичарито всегда мог забить любой частью тела. Даже любой частью головы, лицом, например. Хорош был

    70. 백미쾌속

      J.s.park 🔥

    71. Amirul Neezam

      Ronaldo’s bullet header against Roma should be in there too

      1. Amirul Neezam

        Ok premier league

    72. riy van ndra

      Goal Ahmad?

    73. Riyad Ali

      No yorke or cole headers? But Rashford powder puff header is there? Who assemble this a kid playing fifa?

    74. choi ryan

      Rashford's header is the best cuz it was assisted by the lord

    75. Nur Lathif

      Chicharito is the best❤️

    76. D ruzzi

      cavani, chicharito,cantona,cristiano. all Cs

    77. Leeandro Noray

      Where is Dwight Yorke? He was one of the best headers in the game.

    78. Makesi Quashie

      Not one headed goal from Dwight Yorke....smh

    79. Reload TV

      Adam diallo??

    80. dandrew815

      All cavani header goals should be there

    81. Mugoh Dan

      How is Herrera vs Everton header missing here? SHAME!!!!

    82. LevinM4

      I wanna see Michael Owen Score goal MC 4 - 3

    83. Tuned Restoration

      What about Amad diallo’s goal suprised that didn’t make the top 10 !!

      1. Tuned Restoration

        And then i realize its premier league only 😂

    84. Andrew Sanderson

      The Cross from Beckham 2 gigs the crossbar Rooney to Ronaldo and the cross for Mason Greenwood for Cavani and Ryan Giggs winning the ball back Eric Cantona Sheringham goal against Munich wasn't bad Ollie gonna socia school II on never forget that in fact I haven't forgotten any of those goals

    85. Ewan Evans

      Where is the vid for 3-0 of city beating United in pl2?

    86. Chinwendu Christian

      Chicharito's header deserved, but that header from j s Park suppose to be number two.

    87. Izzat Ismailov

      Pogba goal vs Manchester city

    88. Keith Lim

      Fully agreed by Little Pea with his back header was memorable goal of all times, I always rmb vidic deadly header, the ever best too. 💪🏼👏🏻🙌🏼

    89. Sunny Bee Melody Official

      when talking of headers vidic should not be missing. Ronaldo's header carried it for me.

    90. Shirotera 1601

      Chicarito's backheader is always memorable

    91. Alsadek Alkhayer

      NO WAY, where is Pogba legendary header against Man City???????????????????????? 🤷🏻‍♂️

    92. Fede Wesley

      And people wanna tell me Penry clear of Ronaldo??? Laughable

    93. Алимжан Дайрабаев

      Chicharito in my heart forever

    94. Rocky Rampersad

      Tel Lingard an all his fan boys stay away from Manchester. We want real talent.

    95. Resna Tazkiyatunnafs

      Today we may have Rashford, Cavani, and Bruno, But i miss unique players like Park and Chicharito. Park was real team player, very versatile, give all, never complaint start from bench, give result as goals, assists, or defense. Chicha was very unique, to me comparable to Inzaghi.

    96. Hoang Tran

      No Nistelrooy header :(

    97. Mobile Games KH

      Who is the best among them? :)

    98. Mohamad Riski A B

      About header goal, that's unfair not including Fellaini

    99. Ikmal7989

      Amad's should be there

    100. Lekavelli Lekan

      Where's Darren Fletcher's Header Against Chelsea ... Certainly should top the list.