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Solskjaer, Fernandes & Lindelof react to thrilling win | Manchester United 6-2 Roma | Europa League

Manchester United

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    Hear what Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Bruno Fernandes and Victor Lindelof all made of the superb 6-2 win over Roma in the first leg of the UEFA Europa League semi-final at Old Trafford.
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    Opublikowany 18 dni temu


    1. Adam Nilsson

      Ole: We gotta focus on Liverppol and then Roma. Utd Fans: maybe not Liverpool...

    2. Nick Mail

      Glazers out.

    3. Wosymx


    4. Ryan Higgins


    5. daan rihardi

      to Roma fans: Ole will remember how Roma lost 6 goals to Man Utd

    6. Raymond Wong

      2.5yrs after appointing Ole, wat did MU won? Still 2nd place in the EPL? At most an Europa Cup finals without d cup. Any progress?

    7. eben n. k. t. aikins

      Lindelof's accent is slick

    8. I'm Nesta Comm arts

      Bruno is a new Cantona soul... He will bring United soul to Old traffrod a gain. Any one agree with me ?

    9. Jack Dc

      Looking at both team's strength, very unlikely Manchester United will concede 5 to lose the return leg.

    10. Ahmad Halimi

      Victor ready to go back to school with his backpack on.

    11. Fred Welsh

      second half was the real Man U, brilliant !

    12. the spectator

      Stand up from the ipad and scream at them ole mate

    13. Spot Tube Indonesia

      Thank you Manchester United. Thanks for the team performance. Thats so amazing. This is United Time by time united going better This special day. Take that trophies.

    14. After 30 years Scousers Stole our Title.

      Beware of Man-NINEchester United

    15. Panagiotis Manologlou

      That United job must be like carrying the ring, cause OSG is slowly turning into Gollum.. GGMU!

    16. mark houston

      Imagine if mcfred weren't in our team and rice was

    17. Capt. CoCo

      No disrespect to Bruno Fernandez but I wanted Cavani to take penalty for this match.

    18. FifaFc

      Wow still can’t believe what happened last night and them getting three players injured in the first half

    19. J M

      1 step closer to the first trophy under Ole. If they play like they did in the second half, it doesn't matter what team they come up against in the final.

    20. Ishaq Ndunda

      Thanks guys I am happy too

    21. Vivian Nicholas Mojulat

      School boy error 😂😂😂😂😂

    22. Abdihaken Official

      4..1M subscribers ❤

    23. Farouck Syaba Hani

      "you could say we got one foot [into final] but we need two foot". Top mentality from Ole

    24. Gabe more

      Just glad no one mentioning donny ole out lol ole outers need to go with the glaziers deluded

    25. Murphy moe

      One of the great 2nd halves under Ole ..what's with Rashford

    26. Ben

      What happened in dressing room, stay in dressing room

    27. James Neilson Graham

      'Growing up as a team'. Nice turn of phrase from Bruno! Conveys the sense of development . . .

    28. Евгений Стогниенко

      Well done team

    29. اوراس العراقي


    30. kongmw

      Ole cranked up that hair drier to dragon breath mode during half time.

    31. Komrade Noah

      Apparently, cavani chose to stay for another year !!!!!!! LET'S GO!!!

    32. kunal Rawal

      I swear lindelof laughs during interviews

    33. Andre Marville

      Well done red Devils 👍💯🇯🇲

    34. kuluk bungkem

      What happet to bruni' nose??

    35. Gajanan Khandare

      Cavani is better than zlatan when it comes to performances at man utd

    36. Reuben Kofi

      Bruno Fernandes' mentality is top notch👍🏼

    37. Nofal 96

      Pogba was a real MOTM he is the one who injured that first keeper

    38. shameir nembhard

      That must have been the greatest halftime talk in the history of football

    39. neville yeah

      glazers out

    40. Over Watch

      Why is lindelof so likeable.. probably the most well spoken person at the club 😂

    41. Warung Imajinasi

      Hope bruno has a role at the club when he retires.

      1. Football Legends Live

        There is a recent article in the Portuguese media where he says that he'd like to become Utds manager one day. I actually read that a few days ago.

    42. Akib Tafhim

      One thing I noticed today is that Ole has a Scottish accent. Correct me if I am wrong..

    43. B C

      Can Harry maguire just respectfully give Bruno the armband..

    44. Uber Hoofenhoussen

      Jaw dropping how FRED is allowed to wear our shirt. DROP FRED. The rest of the team were superb FRED is garbage and an ex druggie.....SELLL HIM THIS SUMMER FFS. Great 2nd half performance, but seriously SACK FRED.

    45. Ubong Udoh

      Lindelof speaks English like he moved to england when he was 10. still shocked his english is as fluent as it is.

    46. mjaatpriory

      Ole needs to start doing his half time team talk before kick-off! Except for the superb goal I thought first half performance was very sloppy, gave the ball away in our own half far too often and lack of creativity up front. Second half was exceptional though, great movement and speed of passing ripped Roma to shreds. Has there ever been a team that is so inconsistent between halves of a game?

    47. Nuke Pacifista

      CMON MARTIAL DONT YOU SEE?? JUST FOCKIN PLAY LIKE CAVANI !! Less time consuming dribbles and more combination passes

    48. Cranium YT

      So many plastic fans this club has it is unbelievable

    49. Ameen Nazeer

      CAVANI RASHY GREENWOOD BRUNO POGBA New-CDM SHAW MAGUIRE LINDELOF WBA Henderson/De gea I personally believe if we get player like kante this team wud win it all

    50. Wavamuno Benon

      Come on boys we can win this tittle GGMU

    51. Ali 2020

      When it comes to euopean matches like this AS ROMA can't face MAN UNITED i never see MAN UNITED beaten by AS ROMA in the European matches (from Ghana but am in Libya (YAW BECKHAM)

    52. PRanxter is Gaming

      Bruno doesn't hesitate to speak what's right

    53. Alexizz Sport HD

      When pog plays at left wing we always create and score lots of goals , got to go by exact same system with Liverpool . Players like Greenwood , James and Amad can come after 65’ to give more energy and create dangerous situations for the already tired defenders.

    54. Fandi 456

      Cavani man of the macth

    55. Clement Olusesan

      Bruno’s mentality 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    56. tishon Mckoy

      6:42 love how he transition from the europa league to the premier league..liverpool aint off on our minds. Reds ⚪🔴.

    57. Tenretni Tnuocca

      How is Bruno not our full time captain yet???

    58. ᅭᅩᅩ

      Bruno world class 👏

    59. Bjarki Björgvinsson

      glory glory man Utd, glory glory man Utd

    60. Andi Arfi Djumadil Isnain

      Ole in Half time: Sit down!. Nobody talk!!

    61. Agustira Indraswari

      Ole is doing a great job ♥️

    62. Captain Nemo

      Cap Bruno 🇵🇹

    63. Paul Kellerman

      1:43 I want the same watch as Ole's! Where i can you buy? If I sell one kidney, that's enough??

    64. kacper

      GG MU

    65. Eric Yakubu

      Every one forgot what fred did

    66. Chibueze Casmir

      Linderlof long pass is proving

    67. vivek s lal

      I'm sad that we didn't sign Cavani one or two season ago. 😢😢. He's got the attributes but Age is catching up. Hope he be the one to break the curse of number 7

    68. Delman Pronto

      lindelof was the worst player on the pitch.

    69. Mr. Samuel Aidoo

      'For me the big players perform all season not just in the big games' Elite mentality. Always pushing his mates to be better. Bruno ❤

    70. Dave Easton

      Trading with mrs Jessica’s signals has given me financial your future by trading cryptocurrency!

    71. robel k

      bruno is a savage hahaha

    72. Dariusz Wityk

      Great game from United, to win the trophies they just need to sell Lindelof and buy a solid CB. They need to buy Halland or Harry Kane.

    73. Lamar Bryson

      Hope everyone watching this has secured their future buy purchasing and trading crypto currency ...the future of the world is moving towards financial set back...but crypto and trade now

    74. Lian Joseph

      Lindelof with the England accent 🧐

    75. Young at Heart

      Keep Cavani

    76. Salimu Shauri


    77. MS10

      This is the best man utd team I have seen since saf left.

    78. Paul Beckford

      My love for BRUNO has just multiplied ten-fold!! FUTURE CAPTAIN IN STONE...

    79. T Se


    80. Darren Baxter

      Lindelof: “we performed well in the first half, but we missed a bit in the final third” What game was he watching?

      1. Bagoes trias

        you did'nt watch the match, didn't you?

    81. Jayden Hanson

      Not based on this game but dammit luke shaw needs to be rated higher than 82 on fifa, just played it. The guy's arguably best lb in the world this season

    82. Pawan Dhami

      Bruno Bruno Bruno now Greenwood greenwood along with Pogba Pogba GGMU....................... Europa incoming heheh.............

    83. Stan Marr

      I love it when Pogba makes those long passes..

    84. Dead Pixel

      Got hand it to Scandinavians they speak English very very well.

    85. Yaas 04

      Cavani Man of the match

    86. Harshit Jain

      Cant wait for fans to come back at OT and chant ole's name. He deserves so much respect. He is taking this team to the very top, where we belong. Ole's at the wheel🤩🤩

    87. Deepak Sharma

      If Cavani leaves then forget about winning anything next season

    88. J190

      Need pogba and cavani to sign, take them out were going to look very average

    89. Bubba Mo Seks

      bra locker talk Gunnar. det er jeg sikker på du tok.

    90. Nga Linh

      Love Pogba, Bruno, Cavani, Mason, Shaw, Harry, Rashy ❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜👏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🥰💃

    91. Daya Singh

      We need varane and Declan rice then we can challenge for the title

    92. Charlo

      Imagine if Bruno scores more than 30 goals this season and people still compare him to De Bruyne... Bruno is clear

    93. Pranav Gs

      "Big Players Perform all season, not just in the big games" Now THAT is a big player statement!. Bruno Bruno Bruno!!!

    94. Dave Korir

      big players perform all season..elite mentality

    95. Rio Agustian


    96. ASR 7

      In some 20-30 years time, Bruno fernandes will come as MAnchester united Manager. HOPES SOMEBODY FINDS THIS COMMENT AT THST TIME!

    97. JFK

      Bruno has 42 goal involvements this season . When was the last time a player did that for us?😂

    98. sandip patel

      What a striker cavaani is. When he isnt scoring his movement and the footballing brain is unbelievable. Such a shame he is coming to the end of his career just wish he came to utd in his mid 20s

    99. AF Global

      Cavani passing to greenwood (goal no 6) was beautiful 🙀