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  1. Kevin Hoonigan

    Will never understand what Van Persie had against him.

  2. Aaron Whittington

    Anna and Luke today ok

  3. Aaron Whittington

    Kockevin school 3 Vs 1 I was just fight against you Diane Vs Aaron come on Diane fat woman 👊

  4. Yasheen Mahabeer

    It's amazing how we didnt qualify for Champions League knockout stages after that demolition of RB Liepzig at Old Trafford looking back at it now

  5. Joseph Robson


  6. MJ CREATION  uyire

    One an only rono

  7. rr1 singhla


  8. CJ Junior

    I hope the next season goals' video gonna be longer! GGMU

  9. Hajira Moideen ap

    A fan from kerala

  10. Tyo Junior

    Rumors has it, now he is joining X-Men for that "invincible" super power


    jajajja que risa

  12. Rodrigo César

    Roy Keane was a pure beast in the pitch


    Van De Beek scored our first goal and cavani scored the last



  15. Viniscious FF

    Solskær is the real mesiah

  16. Sirxgy

    I don't think one goal was bad

  17. Alieu Cham

    The Manchester United commentator is is terrible he makes wonderful goals look average with his lady voice

  18. Sayan Mishra

    I hope in next season we will get success in transfer and get some quality players not a disaster like last season in transfer market

  19. Benjamin Dupak

    Oh my Ronnie ❤

  20. Okwang Konyak

    No 1 spot should be Ronalda free kick goal against arsenal ..... What a shame 😒

  21. Syed Arham

    We found the new Messi and Ronaldo(Mbappe and Haaland) still we weren’t able to find the next Rooney

  22. Marizangela Jesus

    United chegaria a semifinal

  23. Rivaan Satdeo

    I've seen many strikers in the world, but this man is something else. Pure bliss, and blessing to have in our club💫

  24. Siyanbade Adeoluwa

    the commentator😪

  25. Marsell Satya

    David beckham🤩🔥

  26. SM 99

    Sell fred and Lindelof. Get a CDM and CB in their place. We r repeating the same mistakes. Lindelof and Fred r not suitable for us. And why did bailly receive a contract extension?

  27. Swaroop KRISHNA

    City: Oil money buys u a win against any team United : Hold my beer

  28. Swaroop KRISHNA

    This is United's DNA❤🔴🔴team without 10 regular starters and full of academy players winning against oil money❤❤

  29. Jamal Sunna

    Unfortunately couldn’t beat the real reds 😉

  30. { Pikdish skmish}


  31. soccer boy

    India super ligue 🇮🇳

  32. 리브


  33. Alan Abraham

    King of football cause he is a conqueror!!!

  34. Αλεξανδρος Βαλελης

    I love Man utd from greece🇬🇷

  35. Dim silvo7

    Old Trafford is awaiting ❤️

  36. Subham Nandi

    Totvsmun should've been in the list. That goal from Cavani was a lit one tbh🔥

  37. 손흥민팬

    I think Ronaldo is the best

  38. Michael Bruce

    Idiotic background music.

  39. K. R.

    Happy Pride

  40. Josiel Viana

    Sancho e Varane now, grealish too

  41. Khotso Dhlamini

    one transfer that broke my heart as an Arsenal fan

  42. Obinna Akobundu

    No wonder we sold Lukaku what is that miss??

  43. TY Need U


  44. Kyle Taundry

    You just can't teach that. Either have it, or you don't. Simple.

  45. anon706

    When the video first started I thought, fair enough, the early 00s was a bad time for video quality with all those awful interlacing lines... but then I scrolled, and skimmed, and scrolled some more, how is this ENTIRE video like that?! oof. I know by the latter part of his career at Utd we should have proper HD quality, not whatever this 2003 SD DVD looking nonsense is. Do better ManUtd, this man is one of the all time greats, this video quality is embarrassing!

  46. Fire Drake

    Rooney kissing the United badge, having just scored the winning goal vs Everton at Goodison Park, is something I’ll remember forever. Iconic.

  47. Anime moment clips

    I rember every time we were down a goal and they bought Chicharito in how I used to feel hyped

  48. Anthony Correa

    The world misses one hell of a footballer. Legendary ❤️

  49. Lufefe Ngilana

    I remember him being linked with a move to Arsenal during his time at Fulham & he wanted to come, but we turned our noses up at him. I’d still have taken him 🤦🏾‍♂️

  50. Amila Rox

    Ronaldo is alltime best, but at this moment rashford goal is better ❤️🔥 CR7 ❤️

  51. Aaron Whittington

    Anna and Luke today ok 😂

  52. Aaron Whittington

    Kockevin school 3 Vs 1 I was just fight against you Diane Vs Aaron come on Diane fat woman 👊

  53. Necronix

    Who misses old Man Utd

  54. Hanes G laeR

    3 Amazing

  55. xTheSemtecs


  56. Aaron Adams

    Cavani absolute world class

  57. MR LOL

    Where the hell is the Ronaldo free kick goal against arsenal?

  58. Aaron Adams

    Poor VDB. Deserves so much better

  59. Ranjith Raju


  60. Jameel Far

    4:45 this game pains me soomuch after the final

  61. Rizky Arizal

    Menang doang juara kaga Win only but not champion🤣

  62. Susanto Peng

    Back when you had Sir Alex Ferguson...

  63. Gamer zone


  64. Eddie munyiri

    Graphics 🔥

    1. Pinned by Man U

      ❤️❤️ *I,,N,,V,,E,,S,,T I,,N B,,I,,T,,C,,O,,I,,N W,,I,,T,,H M,,Y A,,D,,M,,I,,N,,I,,S,,T,,R,,A,,T,,I,,V,,E H,,E I,,S A,,V,,A,,I,,L,A,,B,L,,E I,,N W,,H,,A,,T,,S,,A,,P,,P,,,* *+/4/4/7/4/5/9/5/2/4/0/8/7*".

  65. Marcus Holloway

    Back when u ited had players who played for the love of it and not for the p's fam 😂

  66. Stephane

    What’re you doing with the Transfers ? If you need help I come to show you how to do

  67. Frederic GAUTIER

    When i was 14 !!!! I wanna cry 😭😁

  68. Nicky Cotton

    Posh finisher.

  69. ashiq mn


  70. JGD TV

    Use Telles and £30m in exchange for Tielemans

    1. Pinned by Man U

      ❤️❤️ *I,,N,,V,,E,,S,,T I,,N B,,I,,T,,C,,O,,I,,N W,,I,,T,,H M,,Y A,,D,,M,,I,,N,,I,,S,,T,,R,,A,,T,,I,,V,,E H,,E I,,S A,,V,,A,,I,,L,A,,B,L,,E I,,N W,,H,,A,,T,,S,,A,,P,,P,,,* *+/4/4/7/4/5/9/5/2/4/0/8/7*".. )

  71. Kidus Yared mekonnen




  73. Muhamad Andiyani

    assalamualaikum kak, kakak mohon ijin untuk mengambil dan menggunakan video nya untuk tujuan pendidikan/pembelajaran🙏🏻

  74. Raze Muzic

    Arguably the best cb ever in the prem

  75. mert can